Today, to work legally - to receive the honorary title of retired veteran of labor and benefits

Law, adopted at the federal level in 1995, it is determined how to get the title of veteran labor.Become an owner's license and citizens can now, if they have the appropriate experience and honors from the Soviet era and rewards of today's Russia, or the insignia of the service department.But conditions, how is the procedure for obtaining a list of benefits - all of this is determined by the regional authorities.

veterans who started their work before they became adults during the war, have every reason to obtain certificates veteran labor.All awards and badges will be valid when the person reaches the age of appointment of old-age pension.Rank can get another 33 categories of citizens, the full list of which is easy to read in the RF Law on veterans.But the benefits are put only to those who can not pay for other categories.

experience of the law on veterans, should be for men - forty years, and for women - 35. It includes calendar days, regardless of whether there were periods without work or not

.The years spent in the army or on maternity leave (up to three years) are included in the calculation of seniority.But the years spent in high school full-time, will not be utilized.

seniority and departmental awards

It should be noted that if a person has a lot of work experience, but no awards, honors and departmental ranks, he could not get the title of veteran labor.Insignia, except federal and regional awards, there may be departmental, which are given for skilled labor.Such as the "Master of livestock" or "senior teacher".If you are an honorary donor and have the icon, that fact also gives the right to receive the title of veteran labor.

Regions can define membership signs and awards.In the Astrakhan region, for example, the decision of the local Duma of departmental badges to distinguish the merits of civil defense workers, where it will be seen as a departmental sign provided for the excellent work.

At the same time, many holders of the title of "Winner of socialist competition" in court to prove its right to become veterans of labor and judicial practice shows that decisions are positive.

order of payments and benefits

Federal law stipulates that the procedure for appointing, benefits and payments are determined by regional laws.Therefore, monetary incentives labor veteran receives not the same in each region they own.For example, in Moscow, this amount is 911 rubles, in the Altai Territory - 495 rubles, in Sverdlovsk - 650. Similarly, the order determining seniority.For example, in the South-Ural "hot" experience does not give reason to require identity veteran of work, while in the Kemerovo region in the composition of total experience of 10 years is enough "hot".

In many regions, a list of benefits, and it is not always extensive.In 15 regions there are restrictions, such as somewhere stipulates that experience to earn only in the region.Or for certification requires that the award was received by the Governor, the enterprise or the legislature.

When the total length of service at the time of the calculation of the age of the old age pension falls short of the term veteran, you can earn while in retirement, and include.

Learn how to get the title of veteran labor can be in the service of the regional social protection.To clarify the procedure for obtaining a certificate or clarify veterans benefits and payments, please contact the Regional Department of Social Protection.All the services to provide a list of documents and registration certificate veteran of work free of charge.If you will be provided with a statement and a complete package of documents, the veteran Labour Certificate (or the refusal to receive it) can be obtained within 15 days.