Thermal socks for men: the benefits, features

Thermal socks are socks for men with specially desired properties.They are achieved through the use of special synthetic fibers and special yarns weave that creates multiple layers of fabric with different air permeability between them.As the name product, men's thermal socks are designed to retain heat and Maskimalno quickly remove moisture.As a rule, their structure contains fibers which make the fabric stronger and location.


It would be a mistake to suppose that men Thermosocks sewn exclusively from synthetic materials.When sewing can be used as cotton and wool.The percentage of natural and synthetic component defines a group of consumers.So completely unnatural socks are a group of "extreme" and highly valued supporters of the respective sports.80 per cent of synthetic fibers in the composition is ideal for skiing, 70 - for trekking, and 50 - for all other sports.Socks, stitched more than half of the natural fabrics, designed for everyday use.

Types fibers

most popular among ath

letes use thermal socks for men, which is used when sewing the fabric Thermolite.It consists of a special hollow fiber which acts like a thermos: keeps heat and sweat evaporates instantly due to its ability to absorb moisture.Benefits Thermolite can be listed for a long time: it is an excellent insulator, is lightweight, dries quickly, does not shrink after washing and retains its shape.By the way, these socks can be washed in the machine.


from this material not only get excellent winter thermal socks, but no less quality jackets, pants, underwear, gloves, hats, and even sleeping bags.Its secret lies in the numerous micromodules that invade tissue and give them temperature-control properties.Outlast different from its counterparts in that it can absorb and store a huge amount of heat, "redirecting" the skin of his owner.


Its technology was developed by special order of the US Army: the military took a worthy alternative to down, which was filled with clothing and sleeping bags.Thus was created Primaloft - a lightweight, warm, soft, but at the same time having the ability to waterproof and hypoallergenic.By the way, precisely because of his famous sewn Thermosocks "Norveg".Microfiber fabric structure coincide with goose down.After washing and drying, the amount retained.Perhaps today this material is one of the best in its field.

Summer model

way, thermal socks are not just winter: there are special fiber structure, designed specifically for hot weather.These products retain a sense of coolness, do not adhere to the feet, quickly absorb moisture discharged from the body and relieve the owner of the odor.They are often bought to wear to the gym - for all classes, coupled with high physical activity, they are irreplaceable.