The drug "Enterofuril" - for the child the best remedy for diarrhea

intestinal disorders in children are frequent.The danger of this condition is the rapid loss of the child's body fluid that poses a risk to the baby.In such situations, should act quickly and correctly.There are many causes of diarrhea in children.Often it is an infectious character.Pediatricians in such situations prescribed medicine "Enterofuril."For a child it is a very effective tool.

Pharmacological properties

medicament "Enterofuril" is a drug belonging to the group of antimicrobial drugs wide action.The tool has no systemic effect, is used to treat infectious diarrhea.The active substance acts nifuroxazide.The drug has a bactericidal, bacteriostatic, is active against many infectious agents of the gastrointestinal system.Antimicrobial effect depends on the dosage of the drug "Enterofuril."For the child, doctors prescribe the drug, taking into account that a small amount of medication has a bacteriostatic effect, and large - bactericidal.


agent has activity against many gram-n

egative and gram-positive microorganisms.Therefore, it is often prescribed for the treatment of diarrhea, which has an infectious nature, as well as other diseases of the stomach and intestines.Often medication "Enterofuril" for the child acquire on the advice of a doctor to use it to make an accurate diagnosis, to determine the cause of diarrhea.The drug is not absorbed into the blood, it is effective only in the large intestine and is completely eliminated from the body with feces.These factors allow pediatricians to consider means of safety.In addition, the medication does not cause symptoms of dysbiosis, but on the contrary, promotes rapid recovery of intestinal microflora after the patient's recovery.

Administration and dosage means "Enterofuril┬╗

For a child it is necessary to buy suspension, although the drug is produced in the form of tablets.Infants up to six months give a syrup 100 mg twice a day, up to two years of age, the same dosage, but should be taken four times a day.Before the use of the means needed to shake.Use the medication regardless of the meal.
Standard therapy is one week.The tablets may be given to children from the age of two.Kids up to seven years prescribed 200 milligrams of the drug three times a day, children over the age of the same dose given four times a day.

contraindications and side effects

Please note that children under the age of one month, the drug is not prescribed as premature.It does not use the drug "Enterofuril" for children (syrup, tablets) in case of hypersensitivity to the nitrofurans derivatives.In rare cases, after taking the drug were observed mild allergic reaction.

medicament "Enterofuril" (for children): the price

suspension cost an average of 250 rubles.