Do you know which way to put the foil in the pan?

To prepare the meat juicy, gourmet fish, vegetables, housewives often used foil on a baking sheet.And periodic home cooking are concerned the question of why this aluminum sheet one side matte and the other - a brilliant, glossy.Does it have any meaning?Maybe in the process of preparation with the help of the foil need to follow any special rules?Today we will try to understand this.

which side to put the foil in the pan?Tell me the process of manufacturing

to answer our questions, let's first look at the technology of production of food foil.

turns, saving and money, and the time it is rolled directly into two layers.Because of this, the side that touches the rollers, it turns a brilliant, and the opposite, accordingly, remains opaque.Therefore, as you already know, the fundamental differences concerning both sides of the foil, can not be.

Does the quality of the food on which side to put the foil on a baking?

properties of the foil does not change the state of prepared food and its taste, how

ever Turn this sheet.Although discussion of different reflectivity available glossy and matte surface, they, in fact, have virtually identical results (88% and 80%, respectively).This clearly can not somehow significantly change their properties.

means that any party putting foil on a baking sheet, does not matter!The quality and flavor indices of food at the same time will depend only on the skill of the chef.However, dishes prepared with vinegar or with a sour taste, keep a long time in the foil is not necessary.In addition, it does not cook in the microwave: everything remains raw.

But the aluminum sheet (pictured) has the unique ability to withstand high temperatures (600 ° C) It can be safely oven potatoes or fish right in the coals or at a barbecue.

What can you cook in foil?

Meat, fish, poultry, beef, all kinds of vegetables and even fruit from cooking in foil are just delicious.By creating a sealed package, the owner thus enables the product to be prepared in own juice, so they obtained juicy and tender.And added with the spices give culinary products piquant taste and a delightful aroma.

to products not stick, you need hostess (not thinking about which side to put the foil on a baking sheet) must be lubricated with oil.And do not forget at the end of cooking to reveal an aluminum bag to chicken or fish covered with golden brown.

foil How to choose?

Before putting foil on a baking sheet, it is necessary to choose.But how?

Do not try to choose when buying a thicker sheet.He tends to be rigid and difficult to use, and needed only for cooking over charcoal.

perfect foil for the main indicators there are: It is strong, but thin, easily holding gives it shape and does not break well collapses.However, for insurance, in the preparation of, for example, meat with bones, is to use two layers of foil.