Starting an aquarium.

Whoever decided to get this miracle of the underwater world, Aquarium, is experiencing a lot of difficulties.This is because many do not have the representation they need to make a beautiful large aquarium feast for the eyes, and was not only a source of problems.

Where to start?

First we need to determine the volume.Here is valid the following principle: what it is, the easier it is to look after him.This is due to the fact that in a large aquarium is much easier to install and maintain the biological balance, which is the key to clean the aquarium.So, if you give pets more food than they eat, the remaining part of it starts to decompose, and the water is very turbid fast.

Running aquarium (step by step instructions of this process will be described below) - a rather complicated manipulation, and before its start, decide the location of it.It is necessary to avoid contact with him direct sunlight.It is also prohibited to install an aquarium in a draft or on a windowsill.The most appropriate optio

n would be to place it in a corner, far away from your windows that will provide a quick launch of the aquarium, step by step instructions that describe this feature.


important factor is the nightstand.Now there is a huge range of interior designed specifically for the aquarium.Produce can be custom, and even yourself, correctly calculating the strength of the structure.The height of the pedestal with the aquarium should not exceed 120-130 cm, otherwise maintenance of the aquarium, or rather its cleaning, can cause certain difficulties associated with access to it.

any well run aquarium involves premeditated sequence.Having defined the amount, location, stand, you need to think about the need for an artificial ecosystem of your equipment.In this case, it all depends on the capabilities of the breeder, because the market there is a huge number of models at different prices from different manufacturers.We recall only that the inherent attributes of any aquarium is the filter, pump, heater.This is the bare minimum, without which existence is impossible to fish.

Running aquarium

Preparations for the launch of the aquarium - a complex process, which should be given special attention, before you put it on the installation location.Before filling it with water, wash clean all the windows inside and out.You can use a solution of baking soda and slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Now you can begin to start an aquarium.Step by step guide this process has a lot of items and may vary in each case.Therefore, we consider only some of the highlights.

1. installing washed aquarium cabinet again inspect it for cracks and deep scratches.

2. At the bottom lay washed and calcined ground.

3. Plant a plant and attach them.

4. Then, gradually, a small stream, pour the water on the wall of the aquarium.

So aquarium should stand for a week.Only then can run fish.As you can see by reading this article, start an aquarium, step by step instructions as described above, is not such a complex process, as it seems at first glance.