Outfitting for ATVs.

Today, in almost every city park to create a platform equipped for racing ATV.Try yourself in this sport can each camper.But it is important to know that before you get behind the wheel of the vehicle, it is necessary to wear a special outfit.The organizers of the race have to take care of the security of citizens and not only have a good working machine, and complete sets of protective equipment for pilots.What includes equipment for the quad?This you will learn by reading the information presented in this article.


Equipment ATV begins with the most important part - the helmet.This attribute is intended to protect the pilot's head from bumps and jolts.This part of the body should be covered as much as possible, it is desirable that motocross helmet.This model is characterized in that sits tightly on the head, not only protects the top portion thereof, and chin.In order to drive in bad weather using new equipment - integrals and flip-ups (with glass helmets of the last generation).They ar

e well-closed face from dust, dirt, rain.For the cold season in the uniforms for pilots must include ATV and a balaclava.

If headdress kvadrotsiklisty not equipped with glass, you definitely need to wear glasses.They have good light transmission, providing maximum visibility to the pilot.


Equipment ATV includes a protective suit.It is made of special high-tech fabrics.This outfit should not skip moisture, well retain heat and provide free air circulation.Equipped with a pilot suit and additional protection:

  • zipper on a jacket, that can be used to interconnect a jacket and pants;
  • belts, adjust the length of the sleeves;
  • collar, covering the neck down to the helmet;
  • magnetic clasps on sweater.

protection for hands and feet

Equipment ATV will be considered complete when it contains complete knee protectors.Typically, these parts of uniforms (except gloves) are made of polyurethane - light but very durable material.Outfitting a professional athlete can be supplemented by such means of protection as shoulder pads and breast vest.Gloves are made of durable fabrics: fleece, felt, leather.This element should have a uniform reliable fasteners as rivets, straps or strong Velcro.


kvadrotsiklisty legs should be as closed.Boots with high tops, ankle boots - is the best option to protect the lower limbs private pilot.Professional athletes use for this purpose a special motocross boots.They are equipped with seat belts, buckles, allows to fix shoes on foot very firmly.

outfit young rider

exactly the same items includes Nursery ATV.Today, riding on these vehicles is a sport that involved kids from 3-4 years.Along with great ride quads on the track guys on such transport smaller dimensions.Many of them are not inferior in skill experienced athletes.Therefore, to the health and lives of the young riders were safe, it is important to take care of a reliable detalyaey protection.