Bando for curtains - hit of the season

It would seem, well, what new can appear in the fashion industry of curtains for the windows?Pelmets, various kinds of fabrics, Roman and other modifications - all this is no longer fresh.However, designers in the area do not cease to surprise and delight their inventions inhabitants, and it is in our homes comes novelty - Bando for curtains.

What is it?

There is a special material used to create the kinds of hard swags, called "shabrak."Bando for curtains - this is such an adhesive fabric, only got its name from the name of the manufacturer.The same word has become synonymous to refer to all solid decorative swags decorating our windows or doorways.This material is different in density, as well as the adhesive characteristics.Non-woven fabric with two or one surface for bonding quickly fell in love with both professionals in registration and needle women who prefer to sew their own curtains for their home.

Visual Effects

beauty Bando for curtains is that it is not just a decorative element

to decorate the window opening, and yet functional detail.The fact is that the combination of the stiffness of the pelmet and gently flowing elongated silhouettes curtains creates a special visual effect.If gangs to fix under the ceiling, you get the illusion of a higher room, which is especially important for residents of the standard "Khrushchev" or private homes.

Ready and improvised

Bando for curtains can be purchased as a ready-made, presented in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors and make them yourself.In this way, there is nothing difficult.To start all parameters are measured: the length (or ledge), width.Then built form.All of this is drawn on plain paper and then transferred to shabrak.Allowances for further processing in this step is not necessary.The next step is duplicated pattern on the fabric, but with a margin of a few centimeters.Now we need to fix part of the base material on gangs, accordingly, its adhesive properties, such as the steam generator.Here we must take care not to have any distortions, so it's best to start with the center moving to the edges.In order to get a quality product, and had a proper look, you will need a lining.She put on a person freely, without wrinkling or pulling.Then grind on all sides except the top with a 3-4 mm space from the edge.After that, the lining of dub, utyuzhat and sewn with the same indentation.For the treatment of the upper edge used Velcro - Velcro special that pritachivayut so it was not noticeable.The same fastener must be on the ledge for fastening hard pelmet.At the request of and in accordance with the overall composition can be decorated with embroidery, beads, applique and other accessories.Curtains with a gang (photos visually illustrate it) looks stylish and luxurious.

Price question

If you want to make his own exclusive thing, keep in mind that you need a certain amount of Bando for curtains, the price of which fluctuates in the redistribution of $ 10-20 per square meter, depending on the width, thickness andadhesive options.If you are not a supporter of the handmade and prefer to buy ready-made products, there is a lot will depend on where exactly you want to buy.In the sleeping area store price could reach $ 50-100, but in a luxury boutique salon and several thousand limit.