Knife "Opinel" for lovers of tradition

Knife "Opinel" has long been popular with hunters and fishermen.Men are happy to buy the product of the French company, carry them with you, take on nature, on a trip.With its low price, that item is available to everyone.Although there is now a number of the greatest of modern designs with better performance, knives "Opinel" reviews so far have the best, there is no indifferent people among them versed in such products.There is in this a classic, several archaic object is something that does not give him leave the stage even against new and promoted competition.


Opinel Folding masterpiece was born in the Savoie region in 1890 by Joseph Opinel at the age of 18 years began to produce blades for our neighbors and friends.His father, owner of a small shop, took his son to venture without enthusiasm, but gave him and a place and tools.The main idea was to create a knife that is easy to hide in your pocket and comfortably in your hand.To everyone's surprise, the company has risen well.In 1

896, it worked for 3 person.And in 1901 on the orders of a new factory employs 15 craftsmen.Since 1909, its products Joseph puts its own brand, according to the law of Charles IX.

Over the years, the product of the company has become a universal object, according to its widest application in the world.Knife "Opinel" is still considered one of the best.With the same attention to reliability and ease J. Opinel developed a new range of products for fans of the effective cutting.This tool is worn in the pockets of such well-known artists, climbers and adventurers, as Pablo Picasso, Max Allen, Jean-Louis Etienne, and others.He achieved the status of a cult object, a symbol of French culture, is mentioned in countless books, songs.For good design knife "Opinel" in 1985 he entered the top 100 of the most beautiful objects in the world in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and in 2006 - in the directory «Phaidon Design Classics" as one of the 999 most important projects of all time.

Product specifications Opinel

At the beginning of production, the company produces 12 models of different sizes.In 1932, the product number 1 with a small blade 2 cm removed from the release, in 1935, the same fate befell № 12. Their production recognized inexpedient.Today, folding knives, "Opinel" have a range of 10 items with a blade of 3.5 cm to 12 cm. There is also a sample number 13 to 22-centimeter blade, but it is already in your pocket you can not hide.

new locking device is installed on knives since 1955.This - the rotating ring with the slot as a result of rotation which prevents spontaneous folding knife during operation or unfolding it in your pocket.The original design has been patented under the name of "viroblok."Install it on models from № 6. In a room such products have added the letters VR, for example, № 7VRN (if the blade of carbon steel) or № 8VRI (stainless steel).

Sticks traditionally made from wood, usually beech.Along with the conventional products manufactured by the company further "thematic" and fillet knives.

Subject line consists of fishing and hunting and sporting models whose handles are decorated with all kinds of designs and have different colors.For example, the creation of the series "Legends of Mountains" decorated with characteristic patterns on the handle, similar to those that Savoyard shepherds carved on their knives.The thread on the handle is a complex and surprising image that turns the classic work item in the work of art.

loin models are characterized by a narrower blade 8 to 15 cm in polished stainless steel and a slightly modified form of the handle made of horn or exotic woods.

Reviews and advice to customers

Anyone who has used the knife "Opinel" very satisfied with its quality.The most convenient to carry in your pocket recognized № 7.
Product number 8 and number 9 are recommended for use in the city and in the country, nature.Model number 10 for some too big.It is good as a cutter, suitable for heavier tasks.But the number 12 can be purchased as a gift unless exclusive.In his pocket he can not hide.

Carbon Steel recognizes the best, because the main thing - the blade - must be perfectly cut.Stainless steel is soft, easy to tochitsya but quickly blunts.The only drawback from carbon blade - corrosion.But it does not rust, but just dark.It should be noted that the Opinel knife is not intended for use as a weapon.