HEPA filter for impeccable cleanliness

Produced in recent times the current models of vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA increasingly filters.Such devices are dealing with particles that can see only with a microscope.


Highly efficient particle retention - that's an acronym HEPA translated from English.The device and the material of these filters allow the devices to assign them to fine cleaning.

They were developed in the last century, in the forties, when creating the atomic bomb project.Purpose of these filters is to remove radioactive contaminants.After some time, the scope of the purification devices has expanded significantly.They began to be used in engineering and medical institutions, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in household appliances.

What is the HEPA filter?This device for high efficiency particulate is made from a thin cellulosic fibers.When the cleaner dust settles on a network formed of the smallest pores.This held even the smallest particles of 0.3 microns.

HEPA filter is produced by specia

l technology.Its basic principle is pressing layers of cellulose and their layout in the form of an accordion.This can significantly increase the filtering surface area.Accordion cellulose is fixed by means of a reinforcing grid.

HEPA filter may be disposable.In this case, during manufacture of cellulose fiber added.Reusable HEPA filter fibers made from fluoroplastic.


filters very fine cleaning using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning the room.They can eliminate microorganisms and allergens.Very effectively captured and tiny particles.This process is possible by the action of these mechanisms HEPA filter:

- the effect of micro-particles of engagement;
- the effect of inertia, which is expressed for the large particles;
- diffusion effect, which is most evident at low air velocity.

Can I clean the HEPA filter?

There are cases when vacuuming appears rather unpleasant smell of dust.This may mean that the filter worked his life and ceased to hold the particles, which has been calculated.In order to remedy the situation must be replaced with a new cellulose accordion.You can simply wash it.However, this procedure is only possible when the filter relates to a water-proof type.Terms of replacement and cleaning conditions specified in the instructions to the vacuum cleaner.

In modern vacuum cleaners brand Samsung dustbags absent.The main debris and dirt settle in a special container made of plastic.In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with two filters.One purifies air by suction, and the other - at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner.This output HEPA filter for "Samsung" type H 11. It is water resistant.When pollution is washed under warm running water for at least two or three times during the year.