Sheet Electric - a pledge of a warm bed

Modern technology is not standing still.They are always something to bring into our lives, making it more comfortable and enjoyable.So, they got up and bed linen.Recently, it was impossible to imagine, and that the sheet can be electric.But today, this development is gaining more and more fans.

What is it?

Sheet Electric - a lightweight plain fabric, inside of which is a heating element.Outwardly, this innovative product is no different from our usual bed linen.The model can be equipped with the following options:

- switching system operating modes;

- thermal protection;

- fuse, preventing damage to the device;

- lighting control panel;

- timer.

The principle of this device is a tissue sheet with the heating element located inside.When you connect it to the power supply begins uniform radiation of heat over the entire surface.As the heating element can be used the following materials:

- Metallic thread.Models equipped with this type of heating element, have excellent performance in terms

of reliability and durability.But mobile use required to comply with certain conditions.

- Coal thread.The sheet of this type of electric in performance similar to that discussed above.

- Lavsan thread.This type of sheet is less reliable and durable in comparison with the previous two, but such models are easy to use mobile.

What make?

Elektroprostynya has two layers.The inner is made of materials with high impact resistance, moisture resistance and reliability.This usually polyethylene or fiberglass.The first of these is much cheaper, but it has a heavy weight slowly conducts heat poorly and collapses.Glass wool is more flexible and compact.Elektroprostyni outer layer is made of conventional materials for bedding.This calico and cotton, fleece and plush.You can also find products made from hypoallergenic materials.

What is power consumption?

most common model elektroprostyney consume 40W, 50W and 100W.These indicators themselves are small.But when you consider that most of the products have temperature control, which is designed to maintain the set temperature, the power consumption is in fact much smaller.

Can I wash

Sheet Electric - is electrical.Therefore it seems reasonable to question regarding cleaning products, because the operation of this bed linen will lead to its contamination.Wash elektroprostynyu can be manually or gentle in the machine.The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.Strongly wring or twist the product is not recommended, as this may damage the heating element.

most popular manufacturers

There is a fairly large number of manufacturers of such devices are heated, some of whom are foreign, and domestic brands.But the most well-known and proven with the best hand are the two German companies.Any electrical or sheet Beurer Sanitas - are products of the highest quality.Products of these firms are made from environmentally friendly and quality materials, and they are completely safe.

consumer opinion

best to need to purchase any product can justify the testimonials of people who have used it.This also applies to such a device as electrical sheet.Reviews holders of this product say that it is easy to use and significantly improves comfort in bed.Many people take these items with you to the cottage, someone uses them in seasonal shutdown of central heating.But all are united in the opinion that the cost of purchasing elektroprostyney fully repaid comfortable bed.