What to do if you break a thermometer

thermometers, which are an indispensable tool for determining the temperature of the human body, are used in almost every family.Although recent advances in electronics have long allow the use in the manufacture of medical accessory totally safe for the human body substances, the most common in our country are mercury thermometers, carry the potential danger.Everyone knows - that mercury, but rather a pair of metal are extremely dangerous components of the thermometer, which, if released into the human body can cause extraordinary damage to health.Despite this, many people forget about the precautions and end up in a situation where the thermometer is broken, and harmful metals - leaked on the floor.What to do if you break a thermometer?No matter how broken thermometer consequences can be disastrous, so it is necessary to conduct a series of procedures demercurization areas where crashed mercury thermometer as a gathering described below.

1. In that case, when it's set a lower temperature than the roo

m, open the window - the low temperature reduces the evaporation of toxic metal.We must not allow the emergence of a draft that can lead to the fact that mercury beads scatter around the room apartment or house, and collect them will be extremely difficult.

2. What to do if you break a thermometer in a dark room and the beads of mercury can not be seen?It is necessary to highlight the impact site, using, for example, a table lamp.When the mercury droplets will be seen, it is possible to proceed with their collection.

3. By collecting the mercury, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves, as well as prevent metal droplets on the skin.The most convenient way to collect the mercury pea is their roll forming a sheet of paper with another leaf or a soft brush.Do not use a hard brush or broom because these tools can crush poisonous balls.That mercury, which was hammered in the slot floor, can be removed with a brush, but that it must first be sand.In addition to clean hard to reach places, you can use a piece of cotton, which is wetted in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.After collecting the mercury is gently shaken in a glass container filled with water or a solution of potassium permanganate.There also sent sand particles containing mercury, as well as a broken thermometer.A good way to neutralize the mercury, it is sucked into the blower.

4. What to do if you break a thermometer has to be clear - to collect mercury, but what to do with the already assembled toxic metals?Firstly, it in no case should be disposed of in drains or garbage disposal.Generally, mercury must be subjected to special treatment, without which it will release toxins anywhere, wherever it has appeared, and it is even more unfavorable ecological situation worsens.To neutralize the impact on the residents of the room in which the broken thermometer must call the professionals working in the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations.

5. The last step is demercurization disposal of mercury particles, even the smallest.To do this, place the mercury spill wetted weak solution of potassium permanganate (0.2%).You can also apply the soap-soda solution, which is made from ash collected in an amount of 30 grams, 40 grams myla-, -1 liter of water.This solution wiped all areas that could be exposed to mercury from entering.After two days the disinfectant solution is washed off with clean water.

Hopefully the above steps will help everyone understand what to do if you break a thermometer.