* What is shoutbox

Probably every modern man will be able to answer the question, what is the mouthpiece and what is it for?In short we can say that this device is to enhance the strength of the sound or voice command.

But it turns out that the ancient people also knew what mouthpiece.They supply a signal used as a hunting horn animal horns and other similar items.Later, the horns began to be used not only as such, but as musical instruments.

This interesting and quite useful device has a conical shape and resembles a pipe expanding and can distribute sound in a certain direction for a long distance.This conical shape is best promotes sound and increase its volume.

conical horn, or rather, its use, has a rich and long history, which is still far from over, so that it can be argued that the cone - it is one of the earliest and best technologies of sound.Conical horn is widely used until now to command ships, sports competitions, demonstrations, to guide the mass celebrations and other events at public concerts, as we

ll as to alert the emergency.This device was invented voice alarm Samuel Morland in 1670.The earliest devices consisting of a cap and socket, as shown archaeological excavations made of glass, and then copper.So, what is the mouthpiece and when he appeared, we know.And what is the basis of his action?This apparatus however concentrating the sound waves and sends them in one direction.Enhancing the sound is due to resonance, which in turn distorts the timbre of the sound transmitted.

magnitude of the horn is directly proportional to the volume and clarity of the transmitted sound, ie the greater horn, the greater the distance to which is transmitted the sounds of speech and the clearer will be the spoken words.So the ships were well represented horns about two meters in length and with an outlet to 25 centimeters in diameter.Such a conical horn can transmit undistorted speech at a distance of two kilometers.A device using a length of seven meters was possible to transmit it at a distance of about six kilometers.

In our time, the sound often amplified by a megaphone, which consists of a microphone, amplifier and speaker.However, the main element of the horn is a horn, which is a tube tapered shape.We can say that the megaphone - a conical horn.Such devices previously used to improve hearing until modern hearing aids.Megaphone just like horn concentrates and amplifies the sound and delivers it in the right direction.It was invented by Edison in the late nineteenth century.

Yet conical horn is not always effective, but only in the case of use in high and medium frequencies.Their size while also should not be too large.Hence natural restrictions on the use of horns as some audio.Therefore, the mouthpiece should be used only where it is actually in place and where its use is logical and is conditioned by some special needs, for example, when you need a high coefficient of performance (increased power at low power consumption) or controlled directional beam of sound often izlucheniya.Ochenhorn is used in the organization of events and demonstrations to give commands and direction respect.

horn, no doubt, has a very long history of its use.Now, it is known that such a mouthpiece.This is a very useful tool to be used for a long time.