Gifts: Common Criteria Restrictions How to give

course, everyone likes to receive gifts, and many also present.That compared with a sincere enthusiasm, joy, face coloring in fun bright colors.It's nice when a gift brings warm emotions when noticed guessing struck.When managed to give one the right gift.

what is meant by the right gift?For each gift bestowed correct individual.But there are common criteria for all of gifts: the relevance and compliance with the spirit and nature of the present celebration, age, birthday, status, interests, environment, professional achievements, etc.

Gift restrictions

should be careful with expensive gifts.Of course, it is nice to get the item that can not afford to buy their own, which is valuable only one value.At the same time, it should be remembered that the cost, the high cost of binding.Hero of the occasion will be uncomfortable, he feels obligated to give back, no less valuable gift or remain properly.Expensive gifts is appropriate to give the wealthy are not limited financial people know, a very clos

e family.

not always acceptable and joyful and so-called living gifts.First of all, love can never be, and make love and accept or touching kitten happily pours canary trills, can not all.And trembling, which covers at a funny hamster might not be typical of others.Secondly, even resigned parents happy Russian "Lindgrenskovogo kid from Sweden," the pop-puppy hardly do rejoice, and the animals feel fine attitude.In general, what this will evolve, do not guess.Third, the house may be allergic, then explanations are unnecessary.In short, live better align gifts.

Yet another limitation is characteristic of a gift, with a hint of a superstitious person.No joy will not bring the statuette, toy, photo pictures of a black cat, a set of blades or even some suggestive objects.No pleasant emotions endows definitely not experience.And it is in the best case.It should be taken into account when choosing a gift, and other phobias, so as not to confuse or frighten.The same on gifts - jokes and pranks.This fresh, extraordinary, but the degree of jokes to be admissible admissible.

course, not relevant personal, intimate gifts.Excluding a very close relationship, though in this case presents is not shown.Also, do not get involved in gifts, which optimally to acquire: cosmetics, particularly decorative, sometimes perfume, clothes.Alternatively, you can present the certificate to pay for the selected object or give a kind of private agreement for a joint campaign for the cosmetics, new clothes.

And recently, inviolable rule.Categorically unacceptable gifts peredarivat, to get rid of its own, of obsolete and unusable, give absolutely impersonal gifts.Present spineless, useless, boring and uninteresting subjects.

correctly give the gift is no less important than the right to choose.In presenting the gift should stop, fix the time, happily looking into his eyes, and personally, sincerely speaking with warm congratulations and with appropriate comments.No blur, negligence, presenting on the move, or I put, then you will look.Necessarily requires a bright, preferably a multi-layer, happily crisp, packing.This will return the gifts to the children's impatience at the time, excitement and anticipation.And this is a kind of emotional gift.In presenting it is not necessary to hint at the contents in an apologetic tone.Gifts larger volume or require the installation, placement, it is better to present a few symbolic: to present the check, certificate, keys, a copy of the toy.