Eyes Our Friends

dog in the house can perform a variety of functions.It can be a security guard, look after the children, help the visually impaired member of the family, but it's always different.Your dog can not be a foe, or the Chief, as it would mean that in the education of your pet, serious mistakes were made.To prevent such developments easy.It is enough to read the literature on the subject, and implement these recommendations in it.Much more difficult to grow a healthy and happy pet that will bring you happiness and worries about his health will not take up all my free time.
order not to be alone with a difficult illness pet closely enough to observe his behavior and appearance.Active dogs, her appetite, the nose will tell a few people, at least a little familiar with the physiology of our four-legged friends.However, many people forget to look into the eyes of an animal you just do not pay attention to the selection in the corners of the eyes of your pet.Angels eyes dog - a new product in the form of feed add

itives, designed to rid the pet of the problems associated with excessive tearing.Regular use of the funds under the age of 9 months can completely eliminate the occurrence of patches on the fur pet in the corners of the eyes or around the mouth from saliva.
If the dog's eyes were red, it is often a sure sign of the need for early medical intervention.The most frequent of ocular disease in these animals - conjunctivitis.At the same ailment inflamed inner surface of the century.The symptoms of this disease are common and frequent blinking, and increased tearing and mucous discharge.The reasons for the emergence of conjunctivitis may be many, but the most common - it gets into your eyes dog dirt, bacterial infection and allergic to pollen (disputes) in the air.It is not recommended to let the animal be put out of the car window when driving, since the probability of the disease conjunctivitis in this case - is maximum.
Angels Ice Dogs in the regular addition of food can solve the problem of high tearing and staining around the eyes on the fur of your pet.At the heart of this additive is an antibiotic tylosin, falling into the same class with the familiar us eritrometsinom.