Choosing a Breast Pump

How to choose a breast pump?A few years ago, pediatricians advised women necessarily express milk after each feeding her baby.It is now believed that breastfeeding is well organized, does not need to express milk.It is produced by the same amount, which is necessary to the infant, and additional pumping can lead to an excess of milk and subsequently to lactostasis.Yet there are cases when no pumping can not do, such as illness or a nursing mother at the time of weaning.Many women find painful pumping hands and uncomfortable procedure, which is why they have come to the aid of the creators of breast pumps.In some cases, without this device does not do.

1. Separation mother and child.If mom or crumb falls to the hospital, where they were staying together is impossible, or if the woman needs to work or study, the breast pump without simply can not do.With it, breastfeeding can save.

2. Scarce was born prematurely, he is weak and can not breastfeed.Breast milk is very important for such a child, so the

mother of a premature baby need to decant and transfer the baby milk.

3. A woman has to take medication incompatible with breastfeeding.In this case you need a little while to separate the baby from the breast, and after the treatment is over, you can continue breast-feeding.With the help of a woman breast pump to maintain lactation (you must decant six times a day).

4. In a nursing woman develops mastitis or lactostasis.This is usually due to the fact that the mother is making the wrong baby to the breast.Because this occluded duct of the breast, and then forms a seal.To avoid stagnation occurred milk must decant using the apparatus as long as the seal does not disappear.

Types of breast pumps.

Today there are electrical and mechanical models.With some you can express both breasts, it saves time.This breast pump is suitable for frequent pumping.The high cost and noise, which create electric breast pumps, - their main disadvantages.There are three types of mechanical devices for pumping: breast with pear, and the piston pump action.Piston effective working, silent and provides an opportunity to express milk in a bottle.Breasts massaged thanks to a special silicone nozzle.This breast pump is suitable for regular pumping, but a woman with long-term use it can be very tiring hands.Another disadvantage of piston devices - fragility.In a pump breast pump has a pear and a plastic horn.It is cheap.Its drawback - it is the absence of a special container of breast milk.Breast with pear has the same effect as the pump action.But unlike him, at the Breast with Pear has a bottle in her and express milk.It costs cheap.Lack of Breast with Pear - low efficiency.

Popular models breast pumps.

Model Philips - this piston breast pump AVENT, which is as effective as electric.You can express milk into a sterile container or bottle.The advantage of breast pump Philips AVENT - it is easy to use.

most common model manufacturer Medela - piston unit Medela Harmony.Its main advantage is a fast rhythm, which stimulates the production of breast milk, and the slow rhythm, allowing carefully decant.

Also convenient to use a breast pump Lactaline, which is a manufacturer of Ameda.It allows you to express milk from both breasts simultaneously.It can be operated from the mains or batteries.The manufacturer Nuk breast pump is a popular model E-MOTION.The intensity of pumping easily changed thanks to the flow rate controller.E-MOTION can be powered by batteries or by the network.

Piston Breast Pump Chicco One Hand (Manufacturer Chicco) ensures gentle position for pumping through the funnel, which is tilted at an angle.The company "World of Childhood" makes pump action device for pumping a pear.It is impossible to predict which breast like you personally.But you will definitely be able to choose an effective and user-friendly machine.