How to Make a Bright Wedding

A start is with the fact that it is necessary to communicate with professionals of the wedding market.Someone enlists the aid of wedding agencies.They do everything for you, your job is only to pay the money, choose and wait.This is the easiest option, but at the same time and the most boring.

wedding after all once in my life (I want to, in any case, to believe it) and enjoy this holiday is in full.Starting from the entire organization and ending directly by the triumph.First of all, I would recommend to start with the selection of the photographer.Why photographer?It's simple.Now I'm talking about professionals, not the photographer who took the camera in his hands that would have cut the dough.Photographer one of the few members at the wedding, which is present on the stages of its organization and to the wedding cake.

working at weddings, he acquires useful information partners familiar but important information.Therefore, if your wedding photographer really competent in his case, he will give

you lots of tips and advice phone.The appendage can visit wedding forums and read what they write bride.

Our traditional wedding can be divided into several stages: Dress (training), Redemption, Registration, walk, banquets, wedding dance.

Basically, everything is logical.Do not be scared if you have a late check-in.This is a fairly common occurrence.The same parts as the newlyweds walk to reception.The main thing is not to stain clothes and drink (especially true for visitors)

It is important to choose the right team of people who will be your wedding: wedding photographer, video operator, the host, a DJ, and even the driver of vehicles.They should at least meet and discuss all the nuances of the upcoming holiday.

Places to visit you to advise your photographer.If you had the day before photographing lovestory then you will be much easier.You will not be ashamed of any photographer or videographer.

Rehearse your wedding dance in advance.It also will remove all the guests.

to your dance was particularly spectacular, make sure that you had a good light (lumiere).Well if the smoke machine.Your photos will be even more spectacular.

Limousine and wedding: now many refuse this type of transport, choosing the faster and more interesting options.For example: convertible or vintage cars.

not bad when the wedding is stylized.This allows guests to feel unity and to participate in the shooting process.

advise is endless.Tries his photographer.Ask your questions in the forums.The main thing is not afraid to experiment!Have a nice wedding!