Toys that we choose.

Toys attract everyone, regardless of age.Very fresh memories of childhood when my favorite pastime was to visit a toy store with my parents.It was a real feast!The majestic building on Dzerzhinsky Square (now Lubyanka), fascinated.It seemed so huge that the resulting fear of getting lost in its corridors.And the people inside were like ants in an anthill.Now I close your eyes and see it all seemed real.Especially beautiful it was in the New Year holidays.I wanted to stand for hours on the balcony and look down on a giant tree and surrounding the characters of fairy tales.Shop "Children's World" sold various products for children, but only beckoned to his toys.There were, as it seemed, a huge amount.Et now understand that such a variety of toys that are now available for children, especially in shops, at the time and did not exist.There were a lot of wooden toys.And nothing about radio-controlled one in sight and never dreamed of.At that time it was fantastic.I was always attracted high-tech stuff, and

the first such purchase for me as a child was the designer of "young radio amateur," where you had to self-assemble and solder on the board radio.Delight knew no bounds when the music started from it and heard the first sounds: "The radio station Mayak. Good morning, comrades!"

time passed, and with it, me and my toys.Another such toy that fascinated me and carries to this day has become the computer.Ka I remember my first computer configuration: 486DX-40, 4 Mb of RAM and a hard disk with 210 Mb.For that time it was quite productive machine.Computer games on it were primitive, but they were forced to sit at the monitor until late at night.No one dreamed then of such laptops as we use now.This is also, in its own way, was fantastic.Today, other computers, and other games.

Then came the car.He also was a toy, and the attitude to it was appropriate.And now he was just a means of transportation ...

What kind of toy today can dream?Even hard to imagine.I would like to see her again, he could exclaim: "It's fantastic!"

paraphrase Hermann of The Queen of Spades, "What is our life - the game ..." I would say that "Our life - Toys"