We are responsible for those who tamed

Wedding - the happiest day in the life of everyone.But played Mendelssohn's march, the couple married congratulated each other with a kiss, exchanged rings, accepted congratulations relatives.They are full of joy and hopeful.After all, in front - a whole life, a happy family life.

What lies ahead for real?Did you know that for every 10 marriages accounted for 6 - 8 the divorce?Shocking data, is not it?

Let's see why.Why are we all getting married, envision bright picture perfect family life, but in the end most of us are disappointed in marriage, in his chosen one, and indeed, all men?

We choose a life partner.We choose the road on which will go.On this road there will be many forks in the road, and we always have to think carefully before making a decision and set foot on the chosen route.On this road there will be many ups and downs, and we will need to gain strength to move on, to resist and not to fall.

Here it is, man, we've been waiting all my life.We blindly fall in love and let love yours

elf.We try to look better than it actually is.We indulge in her feminine charms to win the heart of the elect: we bring the body to perfection, put on dating intriguing outfits and sexy underwear, perfume-use aphrodisiacs.And cupid arrow hit right on target.Young man conquered.He is ready to do anything for us.His beautiful flirtation and endless devotion to flatter our vanity.He becomes a fox, which we have tamed ...

After a while, we marry.Fox lives with us under one roof, helping to raise children, is working on the farm, provides a family.And we?Often we just relax.We're not trying to look your best, do not flirt coquettishly and not trying to attract attention and diligence Fox take for granted.So, we deceive him ?!Where is the seducer, beauty, whom he married?Where is the true friend that he trusted the sacred and was always sure of support?Where is the passionate lover, who drove him crazy?Let's be honest with ourselves.We cease to play its role, which had previously caused a standing ovation.

Fox, whom we have tamed, begins to wonder changes taking place with us.After all, he really hoped to another.In turn, we pay attention to those things that are so obvious, but we were not seen during the passion, and who are beginning to become a problem.There are the first quarrels and misunderstandings.

It's time to think about - and what I am doing in order to preserve the warmth of fire, which erupted into flames at the beginning of the novel?What am I doing to ensure that it is not extinct?

Knowingly ancient times the woman is considered the guardian of the family hearth.Purpose of women - to be a good wife and mother.In times of conflict, it is to resolve a situation, smoothes rough edges.Her love and caring to help your child get up on their feet, and manifest wisdom and attention - to make a happy husband.Agree, not easy.And many with him, unfortunately, can not cope.

should also be remembered that in any marriage, there are critical periods during which there is a test of the strength of the family.At the beginning of marriage, in the first years after birth, after leaving his parents' home should exercise special caution and vigilance.It is in such moments the possibility of family breakdown is highest.In addition, we all adhere to their own life cycles, in which there are peaks - the stage when we subconsciously begin to find fault with everything, get depressed, in close

person can see the enemy.It is important that these peaks, the couple did not match.Then, in difficult moments for one to be supported by another.

But that's the theory.In practice, we completely forget about the psychological advice.We are too proud to yield, to compromise.In a fit of anger get out of control, and then regret it.But sometimes it's too late.Marriage cracks.Broken cup does not stick together.Break destiny, and often the victims are no errors in the innocent children.

No one thinks about it, coming under Mendelssohn's march to the registrar, an oath of fidelity and promising to love and respect each other.Everyone hopes that they will not suffer such a sad fate.And it is probably correct.We must believe in the best, go for their dreams of a happy marriage.

As they say, our fate is in our hands.And we can make our lives bright, colorful, full of love.We can bring happiness to the wife, to raise children in this, strong family, giving them his example.

to come to such an alliance, it is necessary to work hard.Start with yourself.Bringing the image that fell in love with Fox.Change your appearance.Forget the shapeless coats and dimensionless nightie - put on underwear and causing negligee.Let your body in order.We will begin to show in the second half more attention and care.We always meet him with a sincere smile on his face.No matter what day a success, the chief chastised, as a saleswoman Naham.My favorite is not to blame for the fact that the rest of the world is not perfect.He expects us to affection, love and tenderness.We do not deny him in this!

... after many years, we will go side by side with an unsteady gait of an old man, holding each other's wrinkled hands, but our eyes will continue to shine as a youth.It will be a special luster from happiness, which dazzles us with its rays.We have carried through his life love, infinite loyalty and devotion to each other, mutual respect.