Choose a soap dispenser

If you have finally decided to buy a soap dispenser - no need to rush.The range of these devices is wide and varied, so it is desirable to take into account when choosing such nuances as the conditions of use of the dispenser, its structure, method of installation and design.


All dispensers (dispensers) soap perform the same function - they give out portions detergent (soap, shower gel, means for cookware, shampoo, etc.).But at the same conditions of operation may vary significantly.

in major shopping malls, movie theater or hospital soap dispenser lies a big load, and they are subject to the highest standards of durability and hygiene.Therefore, you should choose a model from a reliable and inexpensive plastic or durable metal.In addition, liquid soap dispensers are equipped with vandal-proof locks, a large container for the detergent and elbow drive.Suitable option button and supply of soap, but it is less hygienic, since the valve has to click on the open hand that is not quite hygieni


In more benign, the home device carefully used by several people, so its strength and volume sidelined.Here the choice depends on your preferences and decorative allocated funds for the purchase.A variety of options: from simple, budget dispenser to expensive, prestigious model that will decorate the elegant interior.

Design and installation method.

Soap dispenser must be:

From these characteristics depend on the price of liquid soap dispensers, and their level of functionality and comfort.The most budget option - a push-bottle that is quite simple and mobile use.It can be placed on any flat surface in the room, and to receive a portion of the soap, you need only to put pressure on the valve (button) hand.

mounted soap dispensers are more functional and comfortable.They are firmly attached to the wall above the sink, bathtub or shower.They do not look as they are always in the same place.The main thing - when they are installed to find the best location to soap dispenser was equally available to both adults and young children.Curtain model undemanding to care, viewing windows to help monitor the level of soap, and if necessary reserves the detergent is easily replenished.

Mortise (built-in) soap dispensers are extremely comfortable and effective.As a rule, they are installed next to the tap water.Their tap (valve) is on the surface, and the container for the detergent is located under the sink.This sleek and ergonomic installation method will save you and arrange a place in a small bathroom or kitchen.

liquid soap dispensers are equipped with manual or automatic feed means.Undoubtedly, press the hand easy, and much cheaper than mechanical valves automation.But if you value increased hygiene and maximum comfort, choose Automatic (sensory) valves.Work with them like a game, so automatic soap dispensers so like children.It is enough to bring the sensor arm, and his hand falls a drop of soap, and all the action is accompanied by an audible signal.A portion of the soap can be adjusted in its sole discretion, which increases the efficiency of the device.


choose a design that will have a soap dispenser, entirely depends on its purpose and your taste.Agree, in the station toilet completely inappropriate elegant bottle of smoked glass and plastic, utilitarian soap dispenser would be absurd, discordant spot in the elite interior.

Therefore, when buying you have to strike a balance between functionality and beauty.For public places better to choose a practical, plastic or metal, these materials are resistant to corrosion, vandalism, are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for.For the bathroom, decorated in a modern style, suitable devices, which are made of chrome and glass elements, high-quality plastic and aluminum.Exclusive furniture are best complement the unusual and expensive dispensers for liquid soap, decorated with stone, wood, crystals and precious metals.Soap dispenser will emphasize your individuality.