For boys rescue - AGV-poly toy!

Last year, there was a cartoon about robots, where a group of machines saves the residents of a small town in different situations.Now you can buy a series of transformers with different functions based on this cartoon, which is at the head of the police Poly (AGV).Toys that look like your favorite fairy-tale characters, affect the mental development of children more than a simple machine.

What is the use of toys in the development of the AGV-boys?

Many boys, except for machines, not interested in anything.They play in the transport, only read books about cars, watching cartoons with characters, cars and even wear clothes with the image of robots.But life is multifaceted, and boys need to generate interest and to other areas of: animals, plants, objects.

This toy helps AGV-Poli and his friends.It is enough to play with them different situations, like in the cartoons.Different characters have a unique character and a certain set of personality traits.Kleene tidy and responsible, but shy and peacefu

l.Spooky flighty, frivolous, and constantly getting in different adaptations.Amber sensitive, responsive and intelligent.

Losing different situations together with other toys, boys:

  • broaden their horizons;
  • develop fantasy and imagination;
  • learn to play in the team;
  • learn to reflect on the moral deeds and misdeeds;
  • reinforce work skills;
  • learn to be responsible and self-reliant.

kinds of toys and creative sets with AGV

boys who are obsessed by cars, should be gradually accustomed to other toys.For example, buy a coloring with your favorite characters that teach work properly pencils and paints, without departing from the line.Then buy a plot booklets, where the toy-AGV Poly with Roy removed the cat from the tree, or extinguish a fire at the post office.Then the child will paint and plants, and the surrounding countryside.

Also on sale there are different applications with their favorite characters, but they can be done by yourself.Cut the cardboard to form the machine and glue the individual parts (bow, wheels, door lights, the "face").Then you get a kind of toy.If all stuck on album sheet, you get a picture story.

Among the bulk of toys are the following types of AGV:

  • small metal cars;
  • inertia toy AGV Poly;
  • transformer;
  • radio-controlled vehicles;
  • complete sets.

At what age to buy certain toys?

For young children who can not calculate the pressure of his hand, more suitable metal model.They are inexpensive, store the image of the hero and ideal for small palms, as their size is not more than 6 cm. Inertial toy AGV Poly is suitable for older children who understand that fragile things need to play carefully.

Transformers helping preschoolers to change their spatial world where children see both the machines can get the robot.These toys can be an intermediate stage between the machine and the designer.In addition, these robots allow brighter play storyline.

RC AGV are an order of magnitude higher (thousand) compared with the previous models, but allow to depart from the cartoon scripts and create their own games.Such toys are suitable for older preschoolers.

comprehensive suite, which includes the entire building and a few heroes, dear, but it may take a child for a couple of hours.No need to present imaginative decorations in the house or build the necessary buildings.Everything is already there in the set, and toy-AGV Poly with your friends can really save the Cap at the car wash or work with Gene on the rescue station.

Each era has its heroes, but without them the childhood becomes poor and impersonal.And give the kid a piece of happiness so easily that can handle any parent!