Children sometimes get sick and do something about it can not be helped.Such is life, and young mothers would do well to understand this before you start calling all the hospitals in the city, and along with the emergency services, as soon as you hear from the children's sneezing or coughing.Sometimes young parents have to face such unpleasant problem as stomatitis in newborn infants, treatment is appointed the doctor individually.Usually, the doctor advises to use acyclovir, levorinovuyu and oxolinic ointment, and if we talk about folk remedies, despite the fact that it is better not to get involved in this very, good help can be attached to a used tea bag sores.

Stomatitis in children

Yes, if the baby colds - quite a common disease (so common that many parents are not particularly thinking, tend to "expel" the kid in kindergarten), in the case of stomatitis, the situation is much more serious.The inflammatory process in the mucosa in the mouth - is stomatitis.Children treated at home, of course,

is only delighted, but before you take on this difficult matter, should be the cause of the disease.

Why there is stomatitis?

bacteria, viruses and fungi usually cause stomatitis in children.Treatment at home without a visit to the dentist, alas, is impossible.So what should gather their will in a fist and go with the moaning child to the doctor, who, if necessary, among other things, may be asked to do a laboratory analysis to candidiasis and herpes.Without all this, as a rule, it is impossible to understand how to cure stomatitis in children.Home treatment is often accompanied by repeat trip to the dentist, which is closely following the progress of the disease.

Stomatitis is of two kinds - aphthous (blisters and erosions) and ulcerative (actually, ulcers).Main symptoms - a characteristic burning and sharp pain in the affected area.Often, a child can not eat and prefers to give up lunch and dinner.As in the case of other diseases, disease occurs due to several reasons.

  1. Injury mouth.It can be as scratches inflicted solid food (a lot of children love to chew crackers), and bite or thermal damage.
  2. immunocompromised.This helps to ensure that colonies of bacteria and viruses flourishes.
  3. Using the "wrong" toothpaste.A well-known proverb: "Do not we have such rich to buy cheap" - and in fact often parents sin that acquire toothpaste "simple."
  4. violation of hygienic rules.

remedy for stomatitis

Analgesic - not the best remedy for stomatitis for children, and hardly any doctor will recommend to take the pain "chemistry."Although, of course, particularly acute forms of the disease such drugs help even eating and sleeping.Not bad a help in the fight against the insidious enemy is "Lidohlor gel" that lubricates sores, and that, plus the entire, has analgesic and character.Even children can rinse your mouth.Since they themselves do not know how, it should take care of the parents.

It may sound strange, but if you wipe the baby's mouth dipped in a solution of baking soda with gauze, the symptoms will disappear shortly.In addition to soda, it is recommended to use a decoction of chamomile and calendula.

course, to make a child to chew bitter and spiny aloe leaf is almost impossible, but a good option is egg white mixed with water.

important to remember that people's means allow to destroy stomatitis in children.Treatment at home when it should be permanent.Of course, if the need arises, do not hesitate to re-visit.