"Ecco": children's shoes, the best

«Someone Else's Children grow quickly," - who are just not heard of such a phrase, who just spoke it either!However, when it comes to buying children's shoes, it seems that just grow and their instantly.Recently bought a pair "with reserve", but here again the son of frowns and says that the shoe presses.

Should I buy expensive shoes

In fact, children's foot can grow to the size of 2-3 per year, so it is difficult to expect that shoes purchased in the past year, will fit today.A shoe should not only be suitable in size, but also practical, comfortable.All of these criteria are met the company "Ecco".Children footwear from this company is usually a strong, waterproof.

Benefits "Ecco»

Requirements for footwear at everyone, but most will put the convenience and durability in the first place.This is especially true of children's shoes.If the skin on winter boots for the boy becomes wet after the first snow, most likely, their owner passes all winter with raw feet.Children's winter shoes, "Ecco" i

s made of a material with special properties.It is moisture inside does not get wet.But the foot in such a shoe breathes and sweats.Reliable shoes on the feet of the child - this is very important.That's why many parents prefer gorteks shoe material, for example, "Ecco".

Children footwear should be not only reliable, but also easy.That means any natural fur insulation is not suitable.Natural fur, of course, does not give the foot warm, but at the same shoes are heavy and cumbersome, which is very inconvenient for the mobile child.In a heavy shoe is easy to stumble, get injured.

«Ecco" - shoes for children (and even adults) are very easy.The production uses modern materials, so boots or shoes quite difficult, on the contrary, very comfortable.

kids do not like laces and zippers.Shoelaces must be carefully and for a long time to tie, and zippers on boots are often jammed.In addition, these fasteners - the weak point of any shoes or boots.It is in place lacing stuffed snow, and lightning from waterproof boots.Very original company solved this problem, "Ecco".Children footwear they virtually all - Velcro.And Velcro usually very high-quality work for two or three seasons.Boots or shoes with a buckle can be worn for a few seconds, which is very valuable for young bustler.

How to pick shoes leg

Shoes from "Ecco" is different.There are companies who make mostly on narrow blocks, others - on the contrary."Ecco" - firm wagon, here you can find any shoes on the width of the foot, for every rise.Size Chart "Ecco" children's shoes are usually depicted on the reverse side of the cover of any of the original carton.Footwear is divided into nursery (28-gauge), adolescent (up to the 35th, and sometimes up to 38-gauge) and adults.Moreover observed that teenage shoe 36 a size slightly smaller than the shoe of the same size but belonging adult line.

It is a reliable, comfortable and beautiful shoes, which are not enough for one season or one child.

company "Ecco" annually updates the range, sometimes quite daring design decisions.Here you need to select, buy and ensure comfort!