Monkey interactive modern baby

In the game the child learns the world, takes the first stand-alone solutions, learning to communicate.This well help him appeared in numerous interactive toys.This variety of dolls and little animals, who know how to cry, laugh, publish all kinds of sounds, eat, run and hug.Thanks to their functionality, they can teach the kid a lot of useful and interesting.

Meet monkey "I want to handle"

After 3 years of each child feels the need of someone to care.Of course, it is good to have a small hamster, bird or fish.If this possibility is currently unavailable, the toy animal will come out of the situation.Interactive monkey "I want to handle" the baby will be a true friend, spends in the fascinating world of games and entertainment.This toy company "Hasbro" knows how to give real warmth.It looks like a living, it does not create any problems parents.

What can a new friend

Cute monkey - interactive toys - the ability to react to touch and make sounds, move the legs, has a funny facial expressions tha

nks to the latest electronic technologies.It looks exactly like a small chimpanzee.It is necessary to include a toy animal wakes up, sweet yawned, stretched, like a.The kid with him will be very interesting and fun.Even adults do not remain indifferent to the whims of her antics and having fun playing with the baby.Plus interactive monkey funny snore during sleep, hilarious sighs, hiccups, contagious laughs when tickled her foot and claps her hands and even capricious.All very fun and funny.If all of a sudden it starts to sniff, it is time to feed her.The kit includes a special bottle in the form of a banana.We only need to bring it to her mouth, and the baby begins to eat with pleasure, while it chomps fun, sometimes burps.Try to pick up a bottle ahead of time, she immediately begin to resent and ask additives.It can be ironed on the back, hugging and tickling.Hugging monkey loves most, it is not by chance called "I want to handle."Periodically she asks on hands, holding legs forward.You can, and ask her about it by clicking on the foot of the left leg.If, cuddling, stroking the back of the animal, it will be in response to cuddle all the stronger.Monkey interactive myself to calm down and go to sleep if it ironed on the back.Toy goes into power-saving mode and standby if it does not touch for five minutes.But the kid is touched her left leg or back pat, like a monkey immediately wakes up and continue the game.In general, all the habits of this little chimp.If you do not use the toy for a long time, you should turn it off.Power produced by the three batteries.

company guarantees

creating toys, the company "Hasbro" shows surprising concern for the children, using only quality materials.Interactive toy monkey will not cause allergies, never hurt the baby.Well, what can be frightening funny furry baby chimps, but to his touching affection.Of course, he is sure to become a favorite of the family.All products "Hasbro" have European certificates meet the necessary quality standards, are tested for safety.

company actively engaged in the production of interactive toys.This well-known gremlin Furby, and fun Fluffy series "Fur Real Friends", who can walk and funny puppies "GoGo", and presented an interactive monkey "Cuddle Chimp", and the baby pony, and many others.These little animals are attractive in appearance as close as possible to the form of these animals and are made with love and care of a safe, pleasant to the touch material.They really can become beloved friends kids.