All the pros and cons of induction cookers, and pan for induction hob

At the end of the last century there were first cooktops with induction hobs.At first they were very expensive because of the usual customers were hesitant to purchase innovation.But he appreciated the chefs of restaurants, for which a high price was not an obstacle.Over time, technology improved and prices for such hobs become acceptable.Induction tile works as follows: located on the site of the heating element coil induces eddy currents in the electromagnetic bottom of the pan or pans.These currents heat the bottom of the dish, and from it heats up and preparing food in it.This ceramic surface does not heat up as the electromagnetic field easily passes through it.

Now on the Russian market is very much odnokonforochnyh induction stoves in China.Often, their developers are young Russian companies, such as KITFORT.Made in China, induction cookers odnokonforochnye KITFORT brands -101 CT, CT-102 made in accordance with the directions of contemporary design in the Button and touch options and prices are

2300 and 2650 rubles.Their counterparts from the company "Great River", also Chinese-made brands Cara-1, Cara-2 with ceramic surface, are cheaper - 1200 rubles.More expensive - odnokonforochnye induction cooker INDOKOR IN3500 and IN3100 South Korean production INDOKOR using components from Germany are already from 6999 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of the plate

power induction cooking zones is infinitely variable.At maximum capacity the water boils faster than gas.The desired temperature is maintained to the degree and the temperature change takes place immediately.Plus is the absence of open flames or hot burners, as well as the economy.The electricity they consume is much less than the appliance to another type of heating element.However, they are characterized by certain disadvantages.These cooktops can not be installed on all devices that have metal surfaces (ie. E. Ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and so on. D.).Very often, people are wondering whether the causes and not its induction cooker radiation damage to human health?Firstly, this is not the microwave radiation in the environment that we all know.Secondly, the power of the electromagnetic field created by the hob is negligible, and a 30 cm plate of the electromagnetic field becomes zero.Much more action has on people, for example, the electromagnetic field generated by high-voltage power lines.

Cookware for induction stoves

for cooking on a hot plate that need special dishes, the bottom of which must be made of a ferromagnetic alloy.Many companies produce a variety of dishes for such boards, including the pan.Among them there are literally unique specimens.For example, pan for induction cookers from the Swiss company BULK Plett pan Swiss Diamond for pancakes and eggs Bulk Plett Pan 6-326-I, 26 cm, won a gold medal at an international exhibition in Geneva, has as part of its non-stick coating real diamonds.Diamonds have a heat-conducting ability is 4 times higher than that of copper, which makes ideal conditions for the spread of heat on the body of the pan.There is such a pan in Russia in different stores from 4900 to 6390 rubles.Frying pan for induction cooker with ceramic coating produced by TVS from Italy is made of aluminum, but the bottom is mounted in a special steel plate having magnetic properties, which allow to use it for cooking on a stove.There is such a pan 1600 rubles.Externally pan for induction cookers is no different from any other ordinary pans.It can be washed with the same detergent as usual dishes, you can also use the dishwasher.Generally, pan for induction cookers in the care of it is no different from the usual dishes.