Oven - main features

technological progress has managed to reach a seemingly simple products such as electric oven.Probably every one of you saw burnt cake, baked in a gas oven.Today everything has changed.Having tried once to bake cakes or bake chicken in the electrical appliances, you will never want to deal with the gas product.And you will not be a barrier price, which is much higher will not stop and pay the costs of electricity consumed.After all, electric oven is used every day, which means you can afford to get the maximum convenience of using it up.Determines what is better for you, gas or electric oven, be yourself, we're more detail on the product with electric heating.

One of the important parameters is the control.Sometimes it is two options, dependent and independent.If desired, that the device worked separately from all products and performs all the functions, you must select the first option.This means that the instrument panel controls, which manages all the functions of the oven, is located directly on i

t.In the second embodiment, an electric oven is connected to a surface (airbag), with which it takes control.

When you select a specific model of the device in the first place should pay attention to its technical characteristics and functionality.Modern desktop electric oven with its thoughtful design and decoration is more kitchen facilities.With lots of features, additional accessories and devices, it facilitates our life.Keep in mind that the more different options in the product, the higher its value.But all of these functions to a degree make our life comfortable, that does not want to abandon them.

For example, the method of cleaning, which is important to pay attention to when purchasing the product, since it has a great impact on the quality of cooking.Such brands as BOSH, BEKO, often used hydrolysis or pyrolysis cleaning methods.The hydrolysis treatment is pouring into the pan after cooking water and detergent.After that, the corresponding function is activated, the fat is softened and flows into the sump.You will just wipe clean surface.

When pyrolysis method of cleaning you must turn on heating (300 ° C), resulting in a burn all the leftover food.The disadvantage of this process is that it will spend a lot of electricity, and this can cause unpleasant smell.Manufacturers such as Ariston, Electrolux, Siemens manufactured products from the catalytic cleaning.It is the ability of enamel to absorb fat during cooking.The disadvantage is that the life of this enamel is not more than six years, after which it will need to be replaced.

electric oven with a uniform internal heating by means of the fan makes it possible to cook several dishes at once, using different levels.Furthermore, using the same fan accelerates the defrosting food.This function has the product manufacturers such as BOSH, AEG, BEKO, Smeg, Siemens and many others.

Given the large number of options, which has an electric oven, the use of expensive high-quality materials (ceramics, enamel, etc.), Its price does not seem incredible.