Tips for young mothers.

preparing for the birth of the little beautiful creature - a child, my mother carefully think through the shopping list that needs to be done.Someone throwing all superstition begins to harvest the necessary items of clothing and furniture since the first weeks of pregnancy, while others, preferring not to risk is the detailed instruction for the future pope: where and what to buy, when mom and baby is in the hospital.

Whatever it was, but sooner or later, to future parents the question arises: whether to buy a canopy on a cot.Here mothers are divided into two categories.The first category includes those who consider unnecessary canopy cloth, dust collector, and the second - those who can not imagine a children's little room without this decoration.

As to the first opinion, then we can safely call it a mistake.Of course, the canopy on a cot collect dust, like any other thing, but in doing so it protects the baby sleeping in his cradle, from this dust.And this is a significant advantage of the canop

y.Moreover, with this "unnecessary rags" can cover the baby from drafts, sunlight and prevent mosquito bites are annoying.

If you are thinking about how to make a canopy on a cot yourself, well-assess their capabilities.In general, the tailoring of the products are not complicated, but if you do not know how to sew, you may experience some difficulties.For a canopy traditionally chosen light fabrics - silk, chiffon.They look elegant and refined, but working with them is very easy.So if you are an experienced seamstress, play it safe and choose one of the options that offers the modern market.

And here, by the way, this expanse.Canopies transparent and dense, heavy and weightless, white, pink, blue, beige, yellow, light green - everything your heart desires.In addition, they depict funny little animals, which your baby will be looking at with interest.Canopy on a cot can be purchased complete with bedding.Most often, these kits include: a warm blanket, bumpers for cots, thin pillow, valance and bed linen.If you choose one of these sets, you do not have to worry about how all of these items purchased separately, will be combined with each other.All things are perfectly in harmony and create a cozy and nice little nest for your baby.

question of how to hang a canopy on a cot, a fairly simple solution.Today on sale, you can find him a special holder.It can be mounted on the floor, or attached directly to the bed.Please note: from where you hang the canopy depends on what area it can cover.To cloth could cover the entire bed, attach the tripod to the long side of the crib.As part of each holder has a loop, which is worn and canopy.

canopy on a cot creates a special atmosphere in the nursery.And that he did not become a "dust collector" often wash or just rinse it.