Children cushion.

Sound sleep is just as important for the child as an active pastime.At night, the child's body continues to develop, regain strength after a busy day and stores energy for the next.What is the key to a comfortable and safe vacation?The answer is very simple - children's pillow.By the choice of the subject to sleep must be approached very responsible.As uncomfortable pillow can cause a very negative impact on children's health (curvature of the spine, the cervical vertebrae, circulatory disorders, and normal breathing).The pillow should be chosen strictly individually, taking into account the age and growth of your baby.It is advisable before buying consult with an orthopedic surgeon, who after survey tells what kind of pillow is best choose for your child.Most of the doctors said that anatomic pillow - it is the best option to ensure a quality and healthy baby sleep.What are the advantages of these pillows have their types exist, consider further.

Anatomic pillows vary in shape, size and filling.The p

ad can pick up the child's age respectively.There are children's options are intended for use from birth (oblique).They lift the child's head while sleeping at 30 degrees.This situation provides the child an easy breath and reduces the likelihood of regurgitation and, as a consequence, choking liquid.Put the cushion angle can be on the mattress and under it (from the relocation of the effect is not changed) .There is another great option for ages birth to one year - a booster cushion against suffocation.Made on the basis of polyurethane (mothers, free flowing of air), as well as having a special small holes and covered with cotton cover, it prevents the baby stops breathing, even if it is during sleep utknetsya it his tiny nose.

booster cushion in the form of a quadrilateral bear or a butterfly that has an indentation in the center of a round shape, for maximum comfort during the holidays.With the help of the spine will develop properly as the neck and spine are on the same level.Orthopedic pillow rectangular shape with a thick roller is also well supports the head and neck vertebrae in the correct position.

After a year, you can use regular shaped pillows with fillings that have a "memory" that is stored anatomical features of your baby's head.Such fillers are natural, therefore they do not cause allergic or other adverse reactions.Prevent the emergence of diseases of the spine and neck, promote normal circulation and lymphatic drainage.Pillows with buckwheat husk (husk) "adjusted" for the position of your baby, has a micromassage effect on the head and neck.The pillow should be filled on average, to provide high efficiency and maximum comfort.

pillows with synthetic padding, hollofayber, komforelyu very comfortable.They are easy to care for and are safe to operate.The advantages in that they are hypoallergenic and do not infest mites.

Children pillow with latex provides an excellent orthopedic effect.It keeps the spine of a sleeping child in a horizontal position, in whatever position he may rest.

correctly choose the pillow - a pledge of healthy development of your baby!