Clothes for dolls Home Theater

Home theater is an art - a family passion, a beautiful method of education.Parents who want their children to develop fully, it is worth thinking about family puppet show.Your child will learn to speak well for the public to express a variety of emotions and feelings.In addition, an independent manufacturer of scenery and costumes - a great opportunity to develop creative skills, basic skills to work with different materials and tools.

For example, clothing for dolls home theater, performed with his own hands.This kind of creativity will help the child learn the simple technique of sewing and knitting, decorating dolls with beads, sequins, feathers, and other gadgets.Mom also shows how to use a needle, hook, scissors, glue and other tools safely.

Types puppetry depend on the form and method of manufacturing the dolls.

glove puppets sewn on the same pattern.It is a coherent pattern in the form of a trapeze with a wide base, which is attached to the boxes for pens and neck.The holes need to hand sew

.Head doll head can replace the broken toys, or, for example, a ball of cloth or paper mache.To the glove well-kept and did not fall down, the neck to insert a cardboard tube.The size of the diameter equal to the width of the fingers of the child.Doll clothes sewn to the bottom of the tube, and the top edge is sealed with a head glove puppets.

During the manufacturing process the child tell interesting facts from the history of this popular doll.For example, in Italy in the Middle Ages, these dolls called "burattini" after the famous actor Pinocchio Florence.This name is used Alexei Tolstoy in his famous fairy tale.

Another type are finger puppets.They usually do not need costumes.But your imagination can offer them small relinks crocheted, or cardboard Soothers decorated with colored paper.With the help of a little baby dolls finger show favorite fairy tales, such as "turnip", "Hen-Ryaba".

Dolls sock look is also very interesting.Bright children's socks, pre-laundered, could become the basis for a big play Smeshariki.And you can think of, and non-existent animals, give them unusual names.Undoubtedly, all friends of the child will like this show.Yes, and my mother will be happy, keeping the family budget.

On the role of the heroes of the puppet show, you can invite these dolls.Only here the clothes for dolls should contain attributes corresponding to the conception of the play or a fairy tale.Enough to make a Pinocchio nose cap, and for Little Red Riding Hood Beautiful crochet beret.Bold Zorro suit black cloak.

clothes for dolls, paper can become a masterpiece of art.The course will markers, paints, crayons.To a child it was easier, at first you can decorate a blank sweep cone and then glue it.

Children will love the Puppet Theatre trostevyh.Reach for the construction dad.Let it cook small sticks, which screwed wire instead of hands and feet.A clothing for dolls - suits and dresses for the year-olds.

Someone will surely enjoy the theater of dolls, mittens.They can be either knitted or sewn patterns of working gloves.Top mittens make out the face of the hero as a fairy tale or muzzle the animal using pieces of fabric, fur and leather.

Home theater - not for the lazy.But the show, created by joint efforts, will remain forever in the memory of the child.Strengthening family ties, parents give children confidence in the parents' love and support.A family celebration will be the long-awaited and unforgettable.

Author: Svetlana Cheremiskin