Claus suit - real Santa Claus

New Year though sometimes only once a year, but we always look forward to this holiday and thoroughly prepare for it.Particularly fond of his children for the beautiful Christmas tree and gifts.And, of course, every child wants to see Santa Claus with his own eyes on the eve of the holiday, and get away from it praise and gifts.

Of course, every parent strives to organize the most vivid and memorable New Year's Eve for their child.Typically, this helps various firms which can be ordered at the house and Santa Claus.They already have a pre-prepared program of communication with the child and costumes are often untrue.In our time, the image of Santa Claus is significantly affected by European influence and boundless flight of fantasy of our designers.Today you can see a suit cold and blue, and green, and other colors of the rainbow.

There is a legitimate question, "how to make a suit of Santa Claus real?".

his unique costume puts the frost only on the eve of the new year, and it will recognize the c

hildren grandfatherly wizard.

Suit Santa Claus has a lot of features, each garment carries a deeper meaning.

primarily - fur, it must necessarily be red with graphic patterns, embroidered with silver thread.The fur coat can be up-to-toe and go up to mid-calf.Buttons should not be allocated size or shape.If the coat is short with large silver buttons, this Santa suit, not Santa Claus.Also suit frost should contain elements, decorated with white fur.

Coat Father Christmas ties up white belt with red thread, which in ancient times symbolized the hereditary family ties.Today, it has lost its meaning and is just purely functional.

his costume frost always complements the red cap, richly embroidered with silver and adorned with pearls.Cap should be circular in shape, so it was taken back in tsarist times, symbolizing wealth and power.And Santa Claus, in theory, has enormous power over nature.And in any case, do not wear a pointed hat with a bubo, not something you get over Santa Claus.

Few people think that puts Santa Claus under his coat.And I put it to wear light clothing, namely, white pants and white linen shirt as a symbol of all light and clean!Unfortunately, in our time more often wear red trousers, and it is fundamentally wrong and, again, based on Santa.Shirt Santa Claus can be embroidered with symbolic geometric figures or just be white.

to make as believable image, costume completes the cold white boots.After Claus lives in the north in cold places.Welcome, if the boots are embroidered with silver.If there are none, then the image of Santa Claus can be supplemented with red or white boots, but in any case not black!

Do not forget also about the fact that Santa Claus has a staff of crystal at the end of the tip of the staff in the form of the month.Staff has always been a symbol of power and is an intermediary in good deeds.If you have not purchased a staff of rock crystal clear tears, that is fine staff, wrapped silver foil and a tip of the month it is easy to cut out of cardboard and foil wrap.

your image Kind Santa Claus is almost ready.However, it must be remembered about another very important detail, without which Santa Claus is not real.This, of course, a long gray beard and mustache, which symbolizes power, wealth and spiritual wisdom of the most beloved characters of all children.

Now all the elements of the suit in place, and the grandfather of the Frost can rightly be called the present.