How to teach a child to the pot quickly and easily

All mothers are often concerned with the same question: How to teach a child to the pot quickly and effortlessly?The answer to this question is to know our grandmothers, because the eternal washing diapers and sliders are very encouraged them to, to help master the fumes of this difficult for him to science.In today's world, many mothers are too lazy to do it from an early age, because the use of disposable diapers and having a washing machine in the house is much easier for them to life.

to start planting the child on the pot need him to confidently sit and to stand on their own and tried to shoot pants.Otherwise, the whole thing makes no sense, because the child will simply fall from his plastic toilet seat that can not develop in him a love for this type of plumbing.

Important is the solution to the problem: how to choose a pot that the child used it for other purposes?Most interesting is that the answer lies in the question itself.In other words, the subject of hygiene need kids to celebrate th

eir needs, and only for this, so you should refuse to buy pots in the form of machines, animals, as well as with various beeper and flashing lights.In such a miracle child would do anything, besides what is required.At the same time it must be easy to use and the right size, because the baby will be difficult to master this science, if it feels uncomfortable.

In order to understand how to teach a child to the pot still needs experience consists of many attempts to do so.Start this quest should be a complete rejection of the diaper to the child felt the discomfort of being in wet pants and realized, as he gets.He should not be afraid of their own excretory processes.During this period, you must begin to monitor the way it signals that have already occurred and the upcoming "wet affairs".

information on when and how to potty train the child's mother must decide on their own.There is no upper and lower thresholds of age, as well as the absolute recommendations.The main thing in this case, consistency and coherence.The first step will be the abandonment of diapers.Then you need to give your baby get to know their own excretory processes, that is, you should not disturb him treat yourself at this point, or as a distraction.

best time to go to the potty occurs after a meal or after sleep, but again, it all very individual.You need to teach in the warmer months, and the child has to know that his pot is always in the same place.The process of the mother can accompany a variety of sounds.Here her imagination is not limited.

main thing is that the child was healthy and ready to learn.It is not necessary to hold him forcibly on the pot, if he does not want and express their discontent with the help of strong crying as a child to potty train is only possible when it did not bother.No need to scold the child, if he has something does not work out.It must be remembered that he is only learning and makes mistakes in the learning process.With the praise, too, is to be careful, because to teach a child to go to is not equal to Goshokov teach him Arabic to school.He simply learn the skills that will certainly be helpful in the future several times a day.

order that the learning process is not delayed for a long time, it is necessary to constantly monitor the baby, for the way he behaved during trips to the toilet, to teach it to what you need to do all his work is in the pot, a place which is strictlyspecifically in the apartment.You can not throw sitting down, just because the baby turns out nothing.Patience is very important to my mother and her awareness of the fact that apart from her no one else to help your child to learn such a difficult science.It certainly will make mistakes, but that is no reason to interrupt classes.