How to name the baby.

Whatever you say, but the birth of a child - it's an event in the life of every family.And always there is a problem - how to choose a name for the baby.This is an important issue that may have an impact on an individual's life.The name can influence the nature and destiny of human health.So before you call the baby, you need to think carefully and carefully weigh everything.

Some people pick the name of the future of the baby when he is in the womb, some - after his birth, and there are those who know how will they call their child since childhood.In our country, parents have the right to think about what to call the child within a month after his birth.As a rule, this issue becomes a subject of discussion all members of the family as well as friends and acquaintances.Previously, the children used to be called by the name of the saint, the day the baby is born.Then, after the adoption of Christianity appeared, and Latin and Greek names.They are no longer frowned upon.And in the 20th century after the

revolution, there were names, neologisms, which is short for the slogans of Communism.At the time, it came to light a lot of kids with strange names.

If you suffer and do not know how to name the baby, you will be useful to learn that today's parents are guided in choosing a name for the baby.First of all, until now called children calendar.To do this, the date of birth of a baby compared to the church calendar.If this day is inscribed a single name, the date of the next look after him.

Now there is a huge amount of literature that tells you how to choose the name of the child.In these books contain information about the origin and meaning of a name.These dictionaries can be invaluable indecisive parents.

Some people, especially those who have strong family ties and a rich tradition may be called the children in honor of someone from relatives.But in this case it is necessary to be extremely careful, because the child may repeat the fate of this man.

Parents in search of an answer to the question of what to call the child, is also drawn to the numerology and the esoteric.Now divorced many "experts" who are willing to spend for your baby astronumerologichesky analysis assumes the name and date of birth.You must be careful not to fall for the bait to charlatans.

great value plays and fashion.From time to time a particular name becomes very common.Of course, there are the parents who basically do not want to be like everyone else, but basically, the result becomes more of Maximov, Anastasius and Vladislav among a generation.

When you decide to call the child, be sure to check whether the combined name you come up with the middle name of the baby.This is due to the fact that there are very difficult to pronounce combination.In addition, sometimes the name and patronymic are of different nationalities, for example, Russian patronymic Ivanovna would sound ridiculous next to the name Henrietta.

It is also important to think about the combination of the name and surname of the child.If you're the kind of simple Russian, do not call her daughter Carolina.Unfortunate combination of first and last names may be the subject of ridicule and complexes, as well as rhyming with one another.

sure to note whether the chosen name diminutive form.It is impossible for life to call the official full name of the person, so you have to suffer and knows what to invent.

choice that you have to do is not easy.Read professional literature, think, talk with relatives, but remember, the final decision as to name the child should take only the parents.The name, of course, will affect his future life, but your warm and good attitude is also crucial.