Lingering doubts of parents: how to choose a phone for a child

Modern parents do not even imagine how you can go to work and do not know what is happening with your child.Now you can keep in touch at a distance - and it's not a fad caring moms and dads, and quite natural necessity.Mobile for the child needs to be functional, inexpensive (not too sorry to lose it or drop) and, of course, reliable.

deciding which phone to buy a child is first and foremost pay attention to the fact that the main task of the device - a constant and reliable communication.However, it should be noted that this principle of selection is suitable only for younger pupils, but not for teens who choose for themselves a cell phone for reasons of fashion, style, price, and visual appeal.If parents do not want to spend much money on a bright and expensive, but there is little functional device, they should take the selection process under full control.Least of all the problems there have moms and dads who are thinking about how to choose a phone for a child of school age - kids of six or seven

years will be enough with a mobile phone functions of the player for clear music playback and viewing small clips or cartoons.Important role played by the strength of the machine and the ability of the child to transfer the call to vibrate mode.

Think, how to choose a phone for a preschool child?There devices are strong enough, all equipped with several important functions, including calling the phone numbers of parents by pressing the programmed key.Very convenient that such a device can be designed as a children's toy, not a serious instrument that allows peculiar "mask" from the looks of his lovers to profit at the expense of others.

Mobile Phone child schoolboy is very important and necessary, but do not forget about the danger will be subject to the health of the owner of such "toys".Everyone knows how much harmful electromagnetic radiation coming from mobile devices, and that is children under the age of 16 may suffer from this particularly hard.Still not change your mind and continue to think about how to choose a phone for a child to control all its movements?In this case, try as much as possible intelligibly explain to the child that he should use the device only if it is really necessary.

Choosing and buying a mobile device to a son or daughter - it is very responsible.Summarizing all the above, it should be noted: when making this process should be aware of a few rules.Firstly, the acquired device must not be too expensive.The price of 2000 rubles is quite sufficient for communications student seven to ten years, it is equally functional, discreet, simple and does not attract the eye of unscrupulous people.Second, children's mobile phone should be easy to manage, with a loud sound (distinct vibrator), the screen on which, even in bright sunlight everything will be clear and large buttons, gently presses, but not to interfere.Third, before you choose a phone for a child should think about his character according to the reliability of the selected device.Calm your child and you can buy a "clamshell" any company, or any model of «Motorola» and «Siemens», which differ not too much strength, but very attractive in appearance.If there are concerns that a child in the case of using a mobile phone as a kibble or other improvised means, you should consider a sturdy monoblock from «Nokia», with a robust impact-resistant housing.

And, of course, the machine must like to the child, or the parents at risk purchase "toy" for themselves and their child will throw the unit in a corner and forget about it.