What you need for a newborn?

The most important thing for a newborn.

Many Russian mothers hold signs: until the child is born, to buy him nothing.The reason is more psychological reasons than the old beliefs.This option is perfect for couples in which the future pope, relatives or friends, are able in a few days, while my mother and the baby in the hospital, make the children's room.But even in this case, the young mother, going to the hospital, you need to bring along the necessary things for the baby.Almost every maternity hospital to help parents, you need to post a list of the newborn.In it usually specified: diapers, undershirts, a pack of diapers, caps, powder, Dummy (although some opponents).

Next you need for a newborn, it will become clear with the advent of the baby.The child needed somewhere to sleep.And then on the choice of parents presented various options.Profitable way to buy a simple wooden crib with removable wall.It will last a few years.Preferred babies will feel comfortable in the cradle.Today in the shop

are various models with different functions.For instance, some even built special music players, which parents can fold lullabies.The main drawback of the cradles of a high price and short time of use.A maximum of one year the kid just will not fit into it.It is necessary to buy a crib mattress, bed set, quilt.Such devices as the canopy, skirting, mobility and nightlight acquired only later, if desired.

The next important step will be the purchase of sets of clothing for the newborn.There is a standard set of T-shirts, shorts, caps, sliders, and the like, what to buy for a newborn, the rest depends on the financial situation of parents and fantasy.For example, many stores where dress mom and dad, presents very beautiful clothing options for kids during the sales can be very profitable to buy.This is another argument in favor of buying clothes in advance, without any fuss.

Bathroom accessories and cosmetics.The child should be your place to swim.There is a huge selection of all kinds of trays.The main factor is the safety and hygiene of the little man.In the market of products presenting a huge selection of cosmetics, but it is important that you need to buy for a newborn is not well-known brand and proven proven cosmetics.At first the children are advised to bathe in a decoction or a solution of potassium permanganate.Over time, you can move to various specialized foam.It is important that the little man had his separate towel.It must be large, soft and clean.

responsible for young parents and the choice will be the carriages.The popularity of various transformers with features.These strollers are usually very expensive, and features a half parents never use it.It is important to choose a stroller, not only for the baby but also for mom or dad that it will roll.This is especially important for people who live in apartment buildings.It should be a light, maneuverable and has good capacity.When the child grows up a little bit, you can buy a stroller or a lightweight option - buggies.Every parents themselves choose what to buy for a newborn, based on the financial status and taste.

There is still a lot of things that are necessary to the kid.Among them bottles and pacifiers, diapers, car seat and other things.But it is important not to forget among all the shopping you need for a newborn in the first warmth of parents.There is nothing more valuable than caring loving mother and father's custody.Only they can give a little man the most precious thing there is in the world, love and care.