I'm pregnant what to do: stop the panic!

"I'm pregnant what to do."As a rule, this is the first reaction to the good news.Except in cases where the pregnancy was the long-awaited and endured, usually such news is a complete surprise for parents.Almost always, people panic.It seems to be good, but at the same time there is the fear that you now expect.

Girls who are keenly interested in the answer to the question: "I'm pregnant what to do?", Must first of all settle down and not flog a fever.It is now it seems that the world is falling apart with all the plans for the future and the near future.Believe me, it may take a little time and you calm down, think about it and begin to gradually realize the beauty of their position.Some women, exclaimed: "I'm pregnant what to do next?" Come to mind seditious thoughts about abortion.Throw them without regret.Murdering his unborn child - is not just a crime against him, and society itself, is immoral, immoral act, the consequences of which can torment you for the rest of life.So when she learned that s

he was pregnant what to do next, she does not understand, it is important to have it at this moment the best possible support.This can make the husband, parents or friends, it all depends on whether one it will bring up the child.

So, you have already started to slowly realize that within you was born a new life, now it is important to once and for all put an end to bad habits, if any.Smoking, drinking, and other factors that may have a negative effect on the baby, you must stop.And do not try to persuade myself that one cigarette did not happen, or that neighbor from the third bore an entrance and two smoked like a chimney.Any woman can pull myself together and for the health of her child indulge in anything.If you are not capable of such things, it is not nothing but a lack of discipline, selfishness, ignorance and just despicable.

In addition, if you said, "I'm pregnant what to do?", You must register with the antenatal clinic.Every woman does it at different stages of pregnancy.But, of course, the best from the beginning to be under medical supervision.

Less read different books for pregnant women.No, of course, to know some important and necessary things about the symptoms of this condition, the process of birth and other interesting and useful things you need.But if you are very impressionable, limit the reading of the articles, all the details tell of failed delivery, genetic diseases, and other facts that can rob you of sleep.

most important thing that you should do now is sleep well, a lot of walks in the fresh air and seek less nervous.Part of household chores can be shifted to loved ones, and you need to save power.This does not mean that you have to spend the entire pregnancy in bed with a compress on the forehead.If the state of health allows it, there is no toxicity and other ailments, lead an active lifestyle.You are not sick, just waiting for the baby.He just will thank you if you go on a trip, will meet with friends, go for a walk, go on nature generally receive positive emotions.

Toward the end of the term, you can go on courses for pregnant women.This will help you mentally and physically prepare yourself for the process of childbirth.You should talk to the kid, watching good movies and children's cartoons, as well as look at the world with optimism no matter what happens.

"I'm pregnant what to do?"How to answer this question?Calm down, be patient, try to follow the recommendations of doctors and those who have been through it and, of course, to give birth.Nine months pass as one day and you will be able to finally see her baby.