What does it mean to be a good daughter?

Love ... Tenderness ... affection ... care ... What else can you write the words with which we associate mom.Remember how in early childhood comforted us when we saw on the street homeless kitten, but as treated us during the illness, brought fruit, she also did not sleep at night, so if we suddenly wake up and asked for a drink, she immediately was able to bring.Do you remember how when he wanted something such, suddenly appeared from somewhere chocolate bar.And how many "want" and "give" it was done?

And then came puberty and suddenly began to feel that my mother does not understand why something is going through and fix the time when you need to be at home in the evening.Why does it not allow a walk, as the other boys and girls?Why he thinks that something might happen?Now, almost everyone of us already have their own children, and we understand what it does not know where and with whom your baby when he gets back, you will not get into any mess?It's now have mobile phones, and it was then?"Mom, I'

ll be there, do not worry!" - And think what you want.

What does it mean to be a good daughter to her mother and the only mom?How to make sure that she was proud of her daughter and was confident that raised a good man?

For all responsible actions, not words, and the thing is to prove that it means to be a good daughter.Call time, and not if the code needs advice or lend money.Each person has their own criteria for how to be a good daughter.Someone calls several times a day to remind you of medicines someone enough and a couple times a week.Someone is after working with food to my mother, and someone nedoprosishsya and once a week to bring the potatoes.Someone with a clear conscience moved to another country and not very interested in, and how my mother there, and someone and would never go there, where there is no mother.Everyone has their own vision of what it means to be a good daughter.Everything is so relative and individual, it is impossible to draw any edges.However, everyone knows that there are rules to be followed by absolutely all children - a help, both financial and moral his parents, care and affection, keen interest and involvement in their lives.In other words - all that was given to you by your parents when you were little.

Respect for their parents - is the main condition.And in the twenty and forty years, we must remember that before you mother - a woman with which you were born, that gave you all of myself, taught, cared for, and protect, as best she could, and sometimes even more.That she wore you in your tummy, it was smeared with green paint broken knees, and that it helps to find out and desperate, seemed situations.And now, after years, the worst thing for the mothers and fathers - it is disrespectful to them and oblivion.

Raduyte their parents cute gizmos and trinkets, for pleasant surprises.Invite them to walk, be interested in their lives.A man is sometimes so little is needed for happiness ...

How to be a good daughter - is to solve the problems of their parents and not only when they have grown old, but much earlier.

Never be selfish toward parents, remember that you owe them very much.It is hard to see how old age is given to parents in a nursing home, to make your life easier.Everything, they say, has outlived her, not become necessary ... How disgusting to hear from behind the wall screaming neighbor who yells at his mother, bedridden most recent and terrible curses wishes?I knew if the woman who 40 years ago braided pigtails and rosy-cheeked daughter to pray about her fate that awaits her the same fate?

What does it mean to be a good daughter, everyone tells the heart and the love and affection for his mother, who warms the inside.Be merciful, sympathetic and grateful to the mothers for their hard work and time, and your children will be happy.

It's so wonderful when you have a mother!