The range of modern appliances impresses with its diversity.However, such a device as multivarka, deserves special attention.It is designed for maximum comfort and quick cooking your favorite dishes.In this article you'll learn all about the features of the appliances and the conditions of its choice.

What is multivarka?

few years ago, few could have imagined that in one kitchen unit can cook soups, baked meats and even cook cottage cheese.But technology does not stand still, and now the dream of many housewives came true.

Multivarki is a small tank with a heated bowl for cooking.Current models are equipped with touch screen, which allows you to set the desired mode of cooking.For example, "Cooking", "Hot", "quenching", "porridge", "Pilaf", "buckwheat", "spaghetti", "baking", "heating" and many others.Remember: the newer and more expensive model, the more functions it performs.

Multivarki big advantage is that the participation of housewives in the cooking process is minimized.Because the mecha

nism of heating itself determines the right time and temperature for cooking a particular dish.So every time you will be amazed amazing taste of the foods.

Mistress worldwide are assured that after purchasing Multivarki return to normal pans virtually impossible.This device makes everyday cooking creative process, the result of which will delight all times.

Multivarki volume for a small family

Multivarki differ not only in function, but also in terms of the bowl.At the hardware store, you can find the cup from 1.5 to 10 liters.But how much opt for a small family of 2-3 people?It is better for such a case, if you have a small container multivarka - 3 liters.This amount is enough for a few plates of soup, and for vegetable stew.Furthermore, in a small bowl food is cooked faster.

Multivarki "Redmond" (3 liters)

most popular model for a small family is the RMC-M11.The book contains the most necessary functions for a diverse and convenient cooking.Moreover, even an inexperienced cook can create a true masterpiece, following recommendations from a special recipe book that came in the kit.

Bowl (3 liters) for Multivarki Redmond made of ceramics.It is this material as numerous studies have shown, is the most secure and durable for cooking.A plastic ladles and allow the blade to complete as not to injure the delicate coating.

great importance is the material from which made the tank.Multivarki (3 liters - it is quite sufficient) has a rugged metal housing.Unlike plastic, this material retains heat longer and makes no foreign odors when heated.Therefore it is possible to prepare even at the highest temperatures and not be afraid of unpleasant consequences.

low energy consumption (only 500 watts) will save not only electricity, but also gas.A stylish, ergonomic design Multivarki become the perfect complement to any interior.

Features ceramic bowl

durability of the device depends on what materials made multivarka.Ceramic Bowl (3 liters) from the manufacturer Redmond able to serve up to five years under the careful use.Despite the rather fragile foundation, it is resistant to mechanical damage.

Ceramic coating excels in cooking and baking dishes.The products do not stick to the bottom of the bowl, allowing virtually no use of oil during cooking.Furthermore, ceramics do not absorb odors, so even after cooking stew can immediately bake cheesecake.

care in this bowl very picky.Immediately after cooking enough wash it with soapy water and dry.At the same time she multivarka (3 liters) requires only wiping with a dry cloth.However, be careful that during cooking condensate always had a way out.Otherwise, the housing may simply to crack under pressure.The RMC-M11 model is a special tank for the accumulation of the evaporated water.

you're still in doubt about the choice and do not know what should be multivarka?3 liters - the best choice for a small family who value their time.Cook with pleasure together with an innovative kitchen devices.