Professional electric manicure sets: customer reviews

As you know, the hands - the card of a woman.Often to create the perfect manicure woman willing to spend a few hours.To facilitate this process, engineers have developed electrical manicure and pedicure sets.

What is an electric manicure set?

This set of tools for nail care, which runs on AC or battery powered.In this set includes special nozzles needed to create an accurate and high-quality manicure or pedicure.

Professional electric manicure set allows you to quickly take care of their own nails at home.Wheels included in the kit make it possible to adjust the nails of any shape and length.Also in the kit are special cutters cuticle and polishing the surface of the nail.All nozzles are easily fixed.And their replacement takes only a few seconds.An important advantage of the set is the ability to sterilize all nozzles.

Practicality and ease of use - the main qualities, because of which women buy electric manicure sets.User reviews confirm the practicality of this technical invention.Especially

indispensable manicure set during travel.It is compact and takes up very little space in the purse.

types of nozzles

Despite the large range of accessories, the experts recommend buying the best electric manicure set, which has all the necessary attachments:

  1. tapered cutter large size: it is used for grinding rough skin.
  2. nozzle cylindrical shape necessary for the treatment of nail plates feet.
  3. Scoop cuticle: it can help to raise the cuticle.Use this cutter to be very cautious, avoiding deep penetration into the skin, it may damage the soft tissue.
  4. tapered tip allows smaller erase hardened skin.It is also indispensable in the fight against ingrown nails.
  5. Disks are designed to remove the rough skin on the palms or soles of the feet.
  6. discs are used for small nail filing.With their help you can give your nails a desired shape.
  7. nozzle drive for grinding and polishing nails allows us to give extra shine.

advantages of electric manicure device

Compared to traditional tools for professional nail manicure set Electric has many advantages:

  • allows you to work not only with the natural nails;the unit copes with the artificial nails;
  • can handle the inside of the grown nail plate, it is almost impossible to do with conventional tools;
  • quite painlessly removes the cuticle;
  • can handle ingrown nail;
  • quickly and effectively removes calluses and corns;
  • additional functions: mini vacuum cleaner for cleaning debris, massage head, hair dryer to dry the varnish, etc .;
  • before use is not necessary to strip the hands and feet in warm baths;
  • presence of different nozzles, allowing to carry out all the necessary procedures.

Disadvantages device (by users)

Despite all the positive characteristics of this technical miracle, there are some drawbacks, thought-provoking each woman before purchase.Cons unit defined by the user, which, despite the high cost, they decided to buy electric manicure sets.Reviews mainly deal size and weight set.Thus, compared to conventional tools professional electrical kit takes up much more space in the purse.Even a simple manicure set Zinger in complete set has a compact size.Therefore, many women prefer ordinary nail file, which can be easily placed in the makeup.

second disadvantage, according to users, is the need to constantly recharge electric manicure sets.Reviews about this quite logical.But this disadvantage is fully offset by the ability to quickly and accurately make manicure.

How to choose a nail device?

Today, manufacturers produce a variety of equipment, electric manicure sets.Reviews women are the basis for the development of new models.

Since there is a large range of manicure sets, a woman is difficult to make the right choice.To buy the most appropriate model, experts recommend pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Purpose: manicure-pedicure set electric may be professional or household purpose.If the kit will be used in the home, then it is better to take home manicure set.
  2. number of revolutions: home nail care is recommended to select a device that does no more than 5,000 revolutions per minute.
  3. number and types of attachments: if the set is acquired for simple manipulation, models with multiple nozzles is enough.And for more complex professional manicure is better to buy a set with a maximum number of mills.
  4. Manufacturer: It is recommended to buy the device is known, proven company that has long been on the market technology.

Most sets have tips for filing, polishing, grinding, cuticle removal, treatment of corns.Women, who often paint the nails, it is advisable to buy a set-dryer.

How to use the electric manicure set?

As noted above, the processing of the hands and feet do not require pre-soaking in the tub.In the early stages of use of the instrument should include a low speed and use a nozzle with a lower abrasiveness.First you need to treat the skin around the nail.Then, working with the nail plate.And in the end start to the cuticle and calluses.All manipulations should be done gently, without excessive force, so as not to traumatize the skin and the nail plate.

If the device is used a few people packing is required every time disinfected with alcohol or cologne.

You can not use the device in areas with open wounds.In this case, the damaged area is necessary to seal the plaster, and leave all the procedures until the complete healing of the wound.

best manufacturers of manicure sets

Electric manicure instruments produce the majority of the firms that manufacture small and large household appliances.According to its users, the best manicure kits produced Vitek, Scarlett, Maxwell and Panasonic.Sets of these manufacturers have excellent performance, high quality and very comfortable to use.

Among the usual tools for nail care is considered to be the best manicure set Zinger.