Multivarki children - helping young mother

often to prepare baby food, women spend a lot of time.Today, however, there is a special device that can significantly accelerate this process.In this article you will learn that a baby multivarka.

What is multivarka?

Baby food should be diverse and healthy.It depends on the formation of a small body.That is why manufacturers of kitchen equipment invented multivarku, which is designed specifically for baby food.This device is designed to significantly ease the life of a young mother, which have enough worries at home.

The basis of such a device is taken multivarka familiar to all, in which the prepared pies, roasts and various side dishes.However, its function and dimensions differ significantly from the "older" prototype.

Multivarki infant - What is special?

Firstly, children multivarka is small in size.Typically, cup capacity varies from 0.5 to 2.5 liters.This is sufficient to prepare several batches of children's meals.

Secondly, multivarka children has features such as "Milk porridge", "y

oghurt", "curd", "soup" and "Rear".This allows you to cook baby food since the first days of baby's life.

Third, Multivarki children are much cheaper than their counterparts for the preparation of meals for adults.Thus, the average price per unit ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 rubles, depending on the country of manufacture and the volume of the cup.

How to choose a children's multivarku?

When you select the device for preparing baby food, consider the following factors:

  • number of children in the family .For one child is fine 0.5-1 liter bowl capacity.And for a large family, you can even purchase a full multivarku 3-5 liters.It set its functions will also prepare different cereals and even yogurt.
  • Appointment Multivarki .If you are going to cook exclusively milk porridge and warm a bottle with the mixture, you can do the simplest model.But for a variety of food will need more functional.
  • sum for the purchase of kitchen devaysa .Today, you can find inexpensive Chinese Multivarki.They have all the necessary functions and is very bright and cheerful design.A more sturdy model, for example, multivarka "Redmond" (children) are more expensive.After the device is different well-known brand high build quality and material is therefore able to last for much longer.

What can you cook in a children Multivarki?

Everything is limited only by the imagination mistress.This applies to both adult and children's menu.One of the most popular recipes, which allows you to cook multivarka children is milk porridge.For it is possible to use rice, millet, semolina, and many other grains.Pasteurized milk is better to take as it does not require re-boiling.It should be mixed in a bowl of the cereal 1, 2 parts milk, add a little sugar and butter.For 30 minutes of "Milk porridge" the dish is ready.

Older children can cook vegetable soup with chicken broth.This requires using "Cooking".The sequence of actions is observed is the same as when cooking soup in a conventional pan.However, due to the uniform distribution of heat the dish is cooked much faster.

Multivarki children - is a unique device that will not only diversify the daily diet of the child, but also facilitate the process of preparation for the young mother.After using the unit, you can not only create a small culinary delights for kids, but also warm dishes and even use the delayed start.You can configure multivarku so that products incorporated in the evening will be ready for breakfast.These and many other features make the device an indispensable kitchen in modern family life.