Flexible cornices.

Many of us are familiar with the term "ledge".Most of all, he is associated with a horizontal crossbar, mounted above the window opening, on which hang the curtains, drapes.Although the values ​​in a given number of words, including this ledge above the door ledge on the wall that serves as a support for the roof and rain protection, a ledge on the side of the mountains, and so on. D.

The apartment ledge is peculiar not only to fulfill the aestheticfunction harmoniously fitting into the interior, and to be a reliable and functional.One of the last original innovations that have emerged in terms of progress and actively flooded the market of the building industry, steel flexible cornices.Thanks to them interior composition of the room gets some originality and at the same time, the completeness and harmony.This standard solution allows us to emphasize the exquisite taste of the owners, and create a home and comfort.

Eaves flexible: it looks like a novelty?

This band, in other words, the rail str

ucture.It is based - a flexible polymeric or aluminum, usually 6 meter profile (also found in other dimensional variations), which is easily cut transversely to the desired size, if necessary incremented by special inserts.Most varieties bend easily by hand.Some also require the use of a special machine.

Due colors plastic suitable for any interior room, and the cornice aluminum can emphasize the strict style of the room.The system is made with an outer or inner rail.The inner rail allows you to completely hide the design of the drapery.Exterior - more flexible.In order to ensure a so-called semi-circular or wavy bending, usually uniserial belt profiles.

Method of attachment of flexible moldings

spite of the flexibility inherent in the vertical profile of stiffness does not allow fall design with curtains, the main thing - it is securely fixed.Hang a curtain rod can be both a wall and to the ceiling with the help of modern caliper brackets.They are made and mounted in such a way that do not prevent the runners sliding on the bar.Brackets can be adjusted 8-25-cm indent from the wall.If you have the room ceiling PVC coverings wall cornices (ceilings're not designed for any fixation) - the best way out.By the way, if the room is small, "sultry", ceiling cornice system will visually make the room above.

How to fasten the curtains on the ledge?

fasteners with which the curtains are attached and quietly move along the eaves, are the multifunctional hooks bunk-runners with a wheel.They are inserted into the grooves on the profile.The lower hooks are designed for tulle curtains, they are low crest.Upper - high comb, they swags, completely cover the eaves, as well as need for heavier curtains, drapes.They are able to withstand the daily load when you open the curtains, and the sufficiency of their weight as well protected against fracture.

to runners not jumped out of the profile manufacturers take care of delivery complete with a special cornice ploskopyatyh plugs, including spare parts, which are also equipped with hooks for the swags and fixing edges of the canvas curtains.The longer the ledge, the more plugs, hooks, runners attached to it.If necessary, all components can be purchased separately.

control method on flexible curtains cornices

In a method for controlling the flexible curtains cornices divided into mechanical (curtains parted and retract by hand or with a cord) and electrically driven, remote-controlled.One kind of the flexible wall or ceiling cornice is lifting structure for massive curtains.

Quality features flexible cornice: the advantages and disadvantages

Flexible cornices characterize:

- strength (aluminum rails bear the weight up to 50 kg);

- flexibility, the ability to make a curved (wave and zigzag, spiral), whether it is smooth or angular position configurations at different radii (plastic stand folds up 90º);You can hide aesthetically protruding pipe smoothly around all the projections due to the flexibility of the horizontal profile;

- ease of installation (not worth spending finances on a challenge to master, fasteners can be done by yourself, getting pleasure from work);

- practicality and ease of use (easy to drape hung and slides freely on the guide);

- the ability to build a multi-layer composition of the curtains and tulle, if necessary, by setting a couple of structures;

- simplicity of maintenance (easy to clean dust);

- compact in transport (many models are available in small-sized boxes, folded into a ring);

- optimal relation price - quality, though a bit more expensive aluminum construction of plastic;

As for the drawbacks, the flexible aluminum cornice, as well as polymer rather hide flaws in the interior, so it is a real godsend for designers and people with taste.Although customer reviews indicate that the aluminum profile can withstand more weight than plastic.


flexible enough actual cornices are in the premises of non-standard sizes with high and wide windows.It is not just about the city and country houses, but also the public, office buildings.They allow you to decorate the arched, angular, slanting, asymmetrical windows, balconies and loggias semi-circular, oval, zoned space, and children living rooms, install screens in the bedrooms and canopies are useful in the bathrooms.

In addition, outstanding recently began the construction of modern studio apartments to resort to a rather popular at the beginning of the last century bay window - protruding from the plane of the wall.Bay windows require individual decorative approach, which is to use unusual curtain fabrics.And will have to start with the selection of precipitous structure.For this purpose good fit moldings flexible bay.It is also possible to use forged, round, string, baguette systems.For some of them characteristic swivel straps that do not always allow the curtains to move freely.Installation of flexible bay cornice takes less of a hassle and will look very, very elegant.


Among the well proven domestic and foreign (German, Polish) manufacturers of flexible oriel designs include: "Europlast", Profilplus, Interstil, "Comfort".Eaves manufacturer data reflect the current fashion trends and different styles and techniques.Their bright, high-quality, reliable trends in demand among buyers.

Preparation eaves design for installation

To hang the curtain rod, does not require any special knowledge, skills and efforts.The set comes with a cornice detailed instructions, which will facilitate the installation of the product.The standard technique involves mounting a few preliminary points.The first - is the selection of the required tools (can be useful roulette, level, screwdriver, or the most ordinary screwdriver, drill, hacksaw).Secondly, - Prepare a safe support (table, chair, ladder) because the work is usually carried out under the ceiling, above the human growth.

Stages of installation work

Stages proper installation floppy bay cornice include:

- training belt profile appropriate length (if necessary it is cut into pieces the length of a possible adjustment in the process of fixing);

- marking the trajectory of the wall or ceiling, on which will cornice;

- preparation holes calipers, brackets equally - within half a meter - a distance from each other;If heavy curtains can reduce the distance, and if this is an easy tulle - can increase the range up to 70 cm;

- stringing to profile runners;

- mount calipers, fixing them with the help of the profile (flags supports rotated 90º);

- fasteners from the end caps of the profile;

- fixing curtains and lace hooks.

flexible cornice (multiple responses of buyers - a clear confirmation) - an ideal decoration solution to show the creative imagination and add personality and flair interior.