Cleft lip: the appearance and characteristics of treatment

Cleft lip is a treatable birth defect that occurs when the non-union tissue of the nasal cavity and upper jaw during fetal development.The result is a stone chip in the lip.Disease is formed as a result of mutations in the genes responsible for maxillofacial skull speech section.Mutations occur in early pregnancy, and the defect can be seen on ultrasound 4 months pregnant.

Usually the disease does not affect the overall health, but in some cases, sick children have problems with eating and speech disturbances occur.

disease often captures a part of the upper lip.Less commonly, this deviation appears on the lower lip.Also, with the possible manifestation of cleft lip cleft palate.It is the most common birth defects that are associated with the neck and head.

Because of what there is a cleft lip?

Defect can be caused by the influence of environmental or hereditary factors.If a parent at birth was found a cleft lip, the risk of transmission to the child increases.

The threat of disease is increased

if the mother during pregnancy misused antibiotics subjected to any type of infection or exposure, smoking, taking alcohol or drugs.


Lack visually determined at birth.In addition to the physical appearance of the defect cleft lip are not otherwise evident.Typically, during artificial or breast feeding babies have such problems do not arise.Difficulties begin the transition of sick children to independent feeding.

deviation determined during childbirth, when the inspection is carried out on his face.Already at the first check on the baby of faculty can establish whether there are deviations in the form of a cleft palate or cleft lip.

Sometimes you can diagnose the disease using fetal ultrasound.However, this diagnosis does not give reliable results.Features

treatment of cleft lip

effective treatment of the disease is surgery.If your child has a cleft lip, the operation is a must.The possibility of surgery is dependent on several factors: the judgment of the attending physician, the characteristics of the disease, the state of health of the baby.The majority of the doctors sure to correct cleft lip should be between the ages of three to six months.More precisely, the operation is determined depending on the size and severity of the gap in the lip, the general condition of the child, as well as on the characteristics of the baby, who recorded a physician.

choosing the type of surgery, are taken into account aspects such as the extent of damage to the lips, the presence of any defects in the nose detect cleft palate.When the child grows up, if necessary, correction is made to restore the function of speech, or to eliminate, the resulting scar surgery.

Specificity and the number of treatments depends on various aspects of health and the presence of other facial defects.Thus, if the child irregularly shaped nose, in later life it is necessary that the correction is for aesthetic purposes and for improving respiratory function.

Experts still can not accurately answer the question: why children are born with a cleft lip.Although this defect sometimes be inherited, but in most cases the cause of its occurrence uninstalled.Scientists have conducted various studies and analyzes the structure of the genes studied what influences the behavior of the child and the condition of the mother during pregnancy: its diet food and bad habits.