Feeding a child at 9 months

nine-month child is already familiar with many foods.At that time he had his teeth begin to grow rapidly, so from 9 months of age need to teach your baby to learn to chew.Feeding a child at 9 months is quite varied, but retained breastfeeding or mixture in the morning and at night.

total volume of food increases up to 1200 g, and is distributed unevenly throughout the day.At lunch the baby eats more food than for breakfast or dinner.Menu child in 9 months includes vegetable purees, various cereals, meat, fruit purees, fruit and jelly.If the lure administered promptly and correctly, he eats vegetable puree of carrots and pumpkins, squash and rutabagas, color and Brussels sprouts.You can add herbs and green peas in the vegetable puree.

At this age, you can mash ¼ mashed with a fork, the baby learned to chew small pieces.First, it is necessary to feed it in small doses, dial by ½ tsp., Gradually increasing the dose, then go on a knife shredded pieces.

Kashi is also included in the child's diet at 9 m

onths, as dairy and dairy-free.Especially useful oat, buckwheat, semolina and can be given rice porridge, but corn and millet porridge difficult to digest, so young children do not have to cook them.Porridge on the water, and added to the plate for a taste of butter and boiling milk.The vegetables can be put vegetable oil, which enhances the immune system and promotes the health of the baby skin.

The diet includes meat kid boiled, chopped in a blender or through a sieve and added to the mash or porridge.Can meat cook steam cutlets and serve them already separately to garnish.

careful not to cause an allergic reaction, are beginning to be introduced into a child's diet in the first 9 months of low-fat varieties of boiled fish: pike perch, cod, carp.When cooking fish is better to lower the boiling water and cook for 1 child once a week.

essential changes and diet of the child 9 months.He is able to sit well on the high chair on their own, it is fed from a spoon and drink from a cup give.At feeding time you can give him a piece of bread, he went to bite and chew food.Of course, the kid will initially spend too much bread, smeared his face, and the table, but he will be pleased because it will begin to feel its first achievements.In addition, the chewing teeth and forms a right jaw muscles, develops and teaches the child to solid food.

The child gradually develops the menu of breakfast and dinner meals and 2 lunch of 3 or more dishes.The intervals between feedings are stored for 4 hours.The child's diet in the first 9 months of starting to include cheese and yogurt, but approach this with caution.Giving you only need a home-cooked calcined or sour curd or cheese for children with milk or food store.Cooking for children is necessary and yogurt as well as shops milk products can not be given to children.

When the baby gets used to kefir and curd, the baby will have a normal chair and a good appetite, you can vary the menu of cereals and vegetables.But we should remember the rules of feeding: to introduce a new product is always only one, start with a small dose and gradually increase the amount of food.Do not encourage your child to eat the entire portion forcibly.On request, it is useful to finish feeding the baby breast after each feeding at the table.

very useful to combine the vegetables and fruits in the preparation of mashed potatoes.Kids love mashed pumpkin and apples, onions and bananas.It is equally useful and tasty will be homogenized puree jars and homemade mashed potatoes.Most importantly, the fruits and vegetables were fresh and local, rather than overseas.

If the family baby lives in the northern areas, the food of the child is introduced in the first 9 months of frozen vegetables, fruit puree jars.If you still have not entered the egg yolk, then we can give it a try first child yolk on the tip of a knife, and gradually increase to ½ yolk twice a week, adding to porridge, soup or vegetables.

Thus, nine child receives five meals: In the morning and at night are fed a mixture of 200 ml or breast milk.For breakfast, he is given kashu180g, 20g portion of fruit puree and juice or jelly 30ml.For lunch, prepare 30ml soup, a slice of white bread, meat or fish 50g, yaytso- 1/3 - ½ pcs., 150 g vegetable puree and fruit compote or juice 30ml.For dinner give a 150ml cup yogurt, curd 30g portion of fruit puree and 25 g of biscuit or drying.