How do quartz watches?

mankind for centuries can not imagine life without hours and constantly improving these mechanisms.It was possible to achieve incredible accuracy of the - of +/- 5 seconds per day.There are such a complex instrument is very expensive, but in everyday life is enough that the accuracy of which is provided a quartz watch, the more so that they have something available for everyone.

Today, the vast majority produced in the world of watch movements related to quartz.From time to time, looking at moving or arrow flashing on the scoreboard seconds, you catch yourself thinking, "I wonder how they work?" And if you caught the eye of this article, let's stop for a moment and find out finally what Quartz Watch.

The most important

Key elements in the mechanism of hours - stepper motor and electronics.Once a second motor unit sends an electrical signal, and it turns the arrow.Power and engine block is obtained from mikrobatareyki, which is designed for a few years.Plant quartz watch is not necessary.

electronic unit consists of a generator of electric oscillations and divider, transforming them.The oscillator is a quartz crystal, which is a source of periodic pulses.They are transmitted with high accuracy due to the piezoelectric effect of the crystal.

feature crystal oscillator is that it generated pulses have a very high frequency - 32,768 vibrations per second.Therefore divider converts them into oscillations with a frequency of 1 Hz and transmits to the motor winding.When passing through the coil electric pulse excites in it a magnetic field that causes the rotor half turn.That, in turn, rotates the arrow.Here and work quartz watch.

Their mechanism can be considered as a mini-computer, because the chip can be programmed to turn them into a multifunctional device, which includes a stopwatch, chronograph, alarm clock, compass and so on. Sometimes, instead of dials they use digital display.In this case, the time information is displayed in the form of numbers, but they are still the foundation of a quartz oscillator.

design of the mechanism on the crystals is very simple.It is noteworthy that the quartz clock contain elements operating in a state of tension.That is why they are so durable.Their mechanism is constantly being improved.It is not surprising that quartz watches are gaining in popularity.

We do not think about the fact that the mechanisms based on the electronic quartz units operate in all known electronic devices that have the function of fixing time: computers, mobile phones, navigation systems, heart rate monitor, and so on. D.

can say thatby choosing a quartz watch, we pay tribute to our time, because they were established just over 40 years ago.Supporters of these clockworks are now no less than the mechanical.Watches, we carry on the hand, characterize us, just as your favorite book, a car or a suit.

believed that quartz models selected dynamic people who are important in hours their accuracy and ruggedness.Besides watches, quartz watches are manufactured wall, table, fireplace.In almost every home and office has these tireless guardians of our time.A variety of design and function, the original and simple, they are always with us.They are necessary and indispensable.