Fantastic ceramic hob

recently in catalogs stores that sell home appliances, stoves, appeared with a fantastic glass-ceramic coating.The original kitchen appliances already gained recognition among housewives.

striking an interesting design with a completely smooth polished surface.It creates the first impression of fragile, delicate coating, which can crack into small fragments from a weak touch.In fact ceramic hob made of durable material, which is similar to glass and has the properties of ceramics.

Miracle - material has a unique thermal conductivity, so the ceramic plate BEKO, SMEG, CDF 67100 GW and the other instantly heated and quickly cool down after switching off.During operation, only the surface is heated from the top of the spiral.Thanks to the amazing properties of the ceramic plate economical power consumption.

Burners at the plate has a plurality of heating lines, which allows you to adjust heating surface area, saving electricity.Many boards have touch control hob, it allows for easy

adjustment of the temperature of the heating burners.On the touch panel is a sensor that signals the operation of burners.

Tiles are manufactured with panels combined with two electric hot plates + two gas burners, a gas hob, electric + two other options.Such an approach to the design of household appliances is safe and comfortable, in the event of a power outage, you can use gas and vice versa.

glass ceramic hob available as a free-standing with oven and grill, as well as built-in furniture kitchen hob, reading.Plates are available from one to six burners like BERTOS E7PQ6B.Desktop versions provide comfort in a country house, saving space.The successful solution for long-distance travel.

Stove electric board VES V-HP6, VES ELECTRIC V-CPL, LPLATE other models - a simple device that fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen, to place on the table.This technique stands out functionality, efficiency and durability, which depends on the regular care of it.

Stove board is available in a wide range and is perfect for suburban settlements, where there is no gas.Like any equipment, glass-ceramic surface in need of some care.Clean the stove should be immediately after contamination special detergent and scraper, which comes complete with a stove.

for cooking on plates coated with glass produced special dishes with thickened and double bottom, which is rapidly heated by absorbing heat.Avoiding heat loss, choose pans with a smooth bottom.You can use the glassware that we use when cooking in a microwave oven.Subject to all rules of operation the oven will serve for a long time and to please their masters.