Primus "Bumblebee": for tourists and hunters

Primus "Bumblebee" - irreplaceable thing in the campaign.Low weight, small size, good specifications - what else is needed tourist, fisherman or hunter to always have on hand a mini-stove for cooking?Imagine: after a day's march in the rain, when there are no very small dry splinter campfire, and you have a backpack - here it is, a beautiful - primus "Bumblebee"!Light the burner and after a few minutes of boiling tea is ready.And while you are is warm with hot tea, kerosene stove to cook something more substantial.

So primus "Bumblebee": features and specifications.

Dimensions hundred and thirty-six one hundred fifty eight millimeters.Weight without fuel - one thousand seven hundred grams, the capacity of the fuel tank, depending on the variety Primus - from eight to nine hundred and fifty milliliters.Continuous combustion with full fuel - from three to six and a half hours.The fuel is ordinary gasoline and, depending on the octane number and other characteristics, including the volume of the reservo

ir, the time may be different.The largest diameter mounted on a primus "Bumblebee" dishes is two hundred and forty millimeters and two liters of water heated to ninety-five degrees Celsius, you can just ten minutes.However, only under the condition that the ambient temperature is not lower than plus sixteen degrees Celsius.The most stable device "Bumblebee" has a range of temperatures from minus to plus thirty to forty degrees Celsius.This is more than enough for ordinary tourists or lovers of hunting and fishing.

kerosene stove was developed in the Soviet Union, and deservedly gained popularity in the widest circles of the population, because then the fascination of tourism was truly massive.Why do designers give their offspring the name "Bumblebee"?Primus is likely associated with the creators of these Hymenoptera representative due to the small size and the kind of low humming during operation.Perhaps it is a buzz strongly reminded romantic designers buzzing bumblebee in flight.

Soviet industry produced several modifications Primus, differing volume of the fuel tank and some design features.This model is a portable kerosene stove was so successful that spawned a wave of imitations, which after the collapse of the Soviet Union into a shaft.The new independent states have launched their own "independent" stoves.In Ukraine, the primus "Motor Sich" produces the eponymous factory in Zaporizhia, and Kyrgyz "Bumblebee" local production called "Dastan".However, as far as quality independent stoves correlated with the quality of the Soviet "Bumblebee", history is silent.

Buy primus "Bumblebee" as you can in any store tourist equipment, and ordered through the Internet.The second case is perhaps even preferable.Do not hobble to the nearest store, besides "Bumblebee" as a specific product, is not sold in any supermarket or kiosk "Rospechat."One need only go online and enter the appropriate text in the search box "Yandex" or "Google" - and before you a wide choice of "beushnye" to new ones.