Stomatitis in children: treatment of its medicines.

Stomatitis - a disease which is caused by inflammation of the oral mucosa.When he appeared in his mouth formed a small ulcer, they are very painful.There are several forms of stomatitis: viral, candidiasis and aphthous.

main signs of the disease are considered:

- Inflammation of the oral mucosa.

- Education mouth ulcers, increased salivation.

- The appearance of pain while the baby begins to eat.

- There may be raising body temperature.

- If the baby, during stomatitis may refuse to eat or during feeding to show concern.

Stomatitis in children, treatment, and it would be effective if find out the cause of this disease.Depends on this method of treatment and methods (rinsing the mouth, sores attachment to special ointments), as a topical treatment prescribed course: antibiotics, anti-fungal, can be assigned and hormonal agents, and anti-inflammatory.

Most often it is due to non-compliance with oral hygiene, decreased immunity.Thrush or oral candidiasis is most often seen in children with a te

ndency to allergic reactions.Systemic diseases (leukemia, diseases that occur with lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes) may give rise to the appearance of severe stomatitis.

Stomatitis in children: treatment and its symptoms.

When this disease in the mouth (cheeks, tongue or in the sky) appear painful sores.When speaking or during a meal there pain, increases the sensitivity of the language, there may be redness of the entire oral cavity, halitosis.

As for children of different ages, by the main symptoms can be added refusal to eat in the corners of the mouth sores can appear.

Stomatitis in children: treatment it can not be called simple.

If this disease is caused by the herpes virus, then it should be treated as follows:

- Oxolinic ointment in stomatitis of this form will be used locally.

- to healing - sea buckthorn oil.

- to numb the mouth before feeding need to handle it anestezinovoy ointment.

- It is necessary to increase the immunity of the child can use the drug Imudon.

Treatment of stomatitis in infants should take place under medical supervision.

If thrush, then you need to take:

- Pimafucin, Nystatin 5%, 1% clotrimazole.

- must be processed in the oral cavity 6 times a day soda solution (2 hours. L. 200 ml water).

Stomatitis in children: treatment of canker sores:

- the necessity of washing the mouth Deksometazonom.

- Affected places are treated clobetasol.

- If local treatment is ineffective, it may appoint injections (prednisolone or Betamethasone).

Bacterial stomatitis occurs with injuries of the oral cavity or inadequate oral hygiene.Small children all try to try on a tooth, pulling all the toys in their mouth, and it is often injure your gums.It can also arise from clinging to the sky apple skins.Adults do not look in the mouth kids as long as they do not begin to disturb anything.But if this happens, then the prescribed topical treatment or Oraseptom Verde.

If your child is ill stomatitis, it is necessary to limit contact with other children, as this disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.All the dishes, from which the sick person eats, should be washed thoroughly.

When the disease stomatitis, kids need to prepare a meal that will not give him discomfort while chewing it.The food it needs to grind into a puree.Do not salt the food to give sour or sharp foods.But during sickness should be included in the diet as much as possible of vitamins, giving carrot juice, fruits grind into a puree.