the fat content of breast milk

Breast milk, according to experts, is the most wonderful creation of nature, and not only the most valuable liquid for the baby, but also the foundation for his health, growth and full development.The composition of milk from each woman her, his uniqueness and individuality sometimes produces a variety of questions.For example, a question such as "Is there enough fat in my breast milk?"In order to get a reliable answer, you need to know what components it is formed.


surprising is the fact that the final composition of milk in nursing mothers as scientists and not decrypted.Currently it identified about 400 different components.The difficulty in deciphering is that each nursing mothers breast milk consists of various parts, it depends on the woman's body and the needs of her child.

Milk is the front and rear.This front - this is such a transparent liquid faded that the infant eats at the beginning of the feeding.This should ensure that the baby milk fluid, carbohydrates and vitamins.

However, after some time, the milk is changed, it becomes more dense and bold.Such milk is called back.

Research scientists have shown that the fat content of breast milk is produced by fat molecules that produce breasts.They are attached to each other or to the walls of the alveoli.Once the milk builds up in the chest, it slowly starts to flow to the nipple, while existing in their composition fat stuck in the ducts.During feeding or pumping, with the milk through the ducts begin to move and fat molecules.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the longer feeding, the fat content of breast milk above.And all because the fat molecules are becoming more and more.The same thing happens when we open the hot water tap, first flowing cold, and then hotter.Similar changes occur with milk.The fat content of milk is determined by the quantity and more.The less he left, the thicker it will be.If you pass the honey feedings long period of time, it also affects the fat content, if you are less likely to feed your baby, the milk will not be so bold.And vice versa.Occupancy of the chest also affects the fat content of breast milk.It happens that at the end of a lactation it is not as bold as the beginning of another.Also, be aware that different kids saturate your stomach at different rates, so the change of the breast is important for the fat content of milk.It is not necessary to change the chest until the baby is not completely satisfied.

Determine the fat content of breast milk

Externally determine fat content of milk is not possible, since every mom breast milk individually and the results are not the same as a neighbor or friend.Most fat milk or a breast pump to express her hands is very difficult.Remember that this can be done in full only your child, but that you will not be easier, as how you fat milk, said he still can not.

What do you do in that case?Just watching your baby.If he has a flourishing and healthy, if he is gaining weight if he has a good chair - which means that it receives all necessary when feeding.

How to increase the fat content of breast milk?

Many newly minted mom wondering how to make breast milk fatter?The need to go on a special diet immediately disappears, as the fat content of breast milk does not depend on what ate nursing women.It depends above all on the time of feeding, seasonal and diurnal periods.Some experts think so.

Other experts believe that the products still have an impact on the fat content of milk.According to them, a nursing mother every day is to eat dairy products, various cereals, wholemeal bread, eggs, beef, tongue, liver, fish, butter and vegetable oil, fruits, vegetables, berries, vegetables and prunes and sweet compotes, honey and jam.

To learn more details about how to increase the fat content of breast milk, it is possible to see a doctor.But do not forget also that the fat content of milk is constantly different.It is changed during the feeding period, and also during daily feeding, and during one and the same applying to the chest.Mom body fitted in such a way that the baby had not stay hungry.