When you need to pumping breast milk

More recently, medical staff called for regular pumping breast milk after each feeding, citing the fact that if the milk will remain in the breast, the amount will start to decrease and not be able to meet the growing needs of the baby.However, today it is known that this tactic is not entirely true.The fact that women are programmed to feeding the nature, so if the baby will suckle regularly, the milk will come in the quantity that you want to crumbs in a given period of time.

So before you think about how to organize the pumping breast milk, it is necessary to ensure regular toddler attachment to the breast, and most likely, the need for additional breast pump will not arise.Furthermore, in order purposefully "overclock" lactation, aiming to increase the number of permanent breast pump breast milk should not be because it can lead to problems: stagnation lactostasis and mastitis.As a result, a vicious circle - if not express her chest starts to hurt badly, and if you decant, then the next time the m

ilk arrives more.So if there are chest pain and bloating, you can decant a little bit, but do not seek to achieve complete devastation.Better yet, in this case suggest breast child.

When not do without pumping

However, there are situations in which the pumping breast milk is desirable and necessary.Firstly, it may be necessary in the first days after delivery, when the milk comes so fast that the baby is simply not able to suck all.Most importantly - remember that decant in this case should be to facilitate rather than to completely empty the breast.Gradually adapt to the needs of breast crumbs and everything returns to normal.

also pumping breast milk is necessary if a child for some reason can not be applied to the chest (usually this is due to a serious illness mom or baby).In this situation, regular pumping support milk production and helps to subsequently return to breastfeeding.If the child does not allow to breastfeed (eg, because of prematurity or after surgery), the mother's milk he was given a bottle, with a special syringe or through a tube.This gives the opportunity crumbs quickly gain strength and restore health.

If a nursing mother often or occasionally depart from a long time at home, expressing and storing breast milk will help to ensure the child's diet during her absence.Expressed milk, which is much more useful for the crumbs than the best mixture can be stored in the refrigerator (for two days) or in the freezer (for 3-4 months).

Sometimes pumping breast milk - it is the only opportunity to organize breast feeding.If the child for a period of time, ate a bottle, it may subsequently refuse to take the breast.And my mom has a choice - go to the mixture and continue to decant and feed her milk crumb.Sometimes in this situation can help to expert advice on breastfeeding, which will tell you what methods you can teach toddler to her chest.However, such recommendations do not always help, in addition, not all cases they can be implemented.

If for some reason can not do without pumping, mom, it is important to know how to do it right (and it is best if she did not just tell you how it is necessary, but also show in practice).Because improper technique of pumping breast milk can cause a variety of problems: the emergence of strong pain, stagnation and engorgement.You can express both his hands and using a breast pump (mechanical or electrical), to facilitate the outflow of the milk before the procedure is good to drink a cup of warm tea or compote, and a warm shower.