Can the child attend the banquet?

Many parents ask this question.On the one hand, to go to the celebration itself, without taking a child - it's not really fair, especially when it comes to family holidays.You rest, the child is bored at home - and then there is a feeling of guilt.On the other hand, the kid at the party - a lot of problems that do not allow adults to relax.Yes, and the little man gets tired quickly.So take the baby or not?

First we need to know in what form the event will be held.It's one thing if it was organized by building, and quite another if - catering.Even the hot summer days in the evening becoming cooler, and thus from the rest, organized in the fresh air will have to give: either the children leave home, or for the sake of their health have to leave as soon as slightly colder (this is when it comes to summer, autumn and springthe child in principle, it is not desirable to carry out on the street more than 3-4 hours, even if it is warmly dressed.

is also very important to consider the age of the toddler.

If he does not even know how to talk and only recently learned to walk - be prepared for the fact that over theall the time you have to keep it on hand. Older children who actively communicate with peers who will feel even on an adult Sabantui much better, especially ate there will be other children. But do not forget that almost any preschool child wants to sleep in 22-23hours.

in recent years has become very popular to invite to a barbecue on the nature of the family, but at the same time indicate the calculation: children are the guests of the house.Offended by this in any case it is impossible, because Bebik weddings deliver a lot of trouble not only their parents, but also the organizer of the celebration.Case in several issues.First, a child must be placing in the restaurant, which in the majority of cases, big money.Knowing that the child is still nothing special there is not - it turns out, the money thrown to the wind.Also razveselennye parents, especially drunk, entirely given to leisure and entertainment, throwing their children.And the kids at this time as the crazy rush of banquet hall, yelling and might even fight.As a result, they often have to reassure frustrated bride.

Should you tormented conscience, if you go alone, leaving the baby at home?Decide for yourself, but remember: the majority of children's holidays do not last more than 3-4 hours, because to sit for a longer time the baby is not able to - it becomes boring and uninteresting.