Poor eating baby - is there cause for concern?

long months of waiting baby's gone, and now you can pick him up, hug and kiss.Young parents waiting for a lot of problems associated with the growth and development of the child.Most moms and dads panic because of the fact that their child is not active enough or too excited;that the baby sleeps for a long time or can not sleep;and ate the baby does not eat - it's all become a major problem.

Before he studied encyclopedias and run on doctors, young mothers should realize that the need for food every newborn individual.His appetite may be affected by many factors.This - Activity baby.His physical development, temperament and even the time of year, high air temperature in the room - all this can easily affect the fact that the baby does not eat.

If a child refuses to my mother's breast, it is necessary to look for the cause of mothers in nutrition.The taste of breast milk affects everything that eats the woman, and child is very thin feels any change in the taste of milk.Mom should avoid foods with p

ungent, with sharp spices, garlic.Babies do not like the smell of cigarettes, and the taste of breast milk on them becomes unpleasant and bitter.

If the baby does not eat, my mother should check their nipples.If they are flat and inverted, then the child is very difficult to eat normally, and he can opt out of his chest.In this situation it is necessary to apply the technique of pulling the nipple, often put the baby to her breast.Perhaps the reason for the flat shape of the nipple and the density lies in the fact that my mother a lot of milk.Before feeding the baby, you need to express her breast, so that it becomes soft.Try to avoid the appearance of cracks on the nipple - is very difficult to feed.Lubricate them with a special cream that does not dries the wound (so they heal faster).

Generally, we all know that breast milk - the guarantor of good health and proper development of the child.Try to keep the longer breast feeding.If the baby does not eat well, often try to apply it to his chest.Eliminate from your diet anything that may adversely affect the taste of milk.Sweet also should not eat a lot.Try to walk in the fresh air, lasted longer - they promote sound sleep and a good appetite.

not lift a panic just because the child does not eat.What to do - can be solved by checking compliance with the mass of his body age.Poor appetite can be considered a problem only if the lack of weight gain will occur.Anyway, the pediatrician will tell the norm in a particular age, because doctors are often faced with complaints of mothers on poor appetite and low weight of their child.

However, medical examination often turns out that the fears were groundless.Pediatricians taking into consideration such a thing as the harmonious development of the child.In other words, the weight should match the growth of the baby.

At the same time, when a very small child is not eating or a mixture of breast milk, parents are advised not to relax.Weak appetite in the newborn can be a symptom of a dangerous disease such as intestinal obstruction.If you have a toddler became ill at the age of three months, we can assume that he had goiter.

As for the older kids, it does not lend itself to the harmful opinion that for the proper development of children need to eat as much as possible.If you force your baby to eat all that is laid on a plate of whatever means, it can cause serious problems in the future.For example, a child on a subconscious level may develop an aversion to all food.It may also happen that a child will even tear when you try to eat.It can also disrupt the digestive process, and this will cause chronic goiter, diarrhea.The opposite is a potential problem that may occur if there force children through force - obesity.