Zdorovoye hair - care rules

correct regular care and respect - the main secrets that help maintain the health of hair for a long time, their beautiful appearance and beauty.Surprisingly, with an abundance of modern cosmetic products intended for high-quality hair care, only very few funds may be admitted to such a complex case, without the risk of natural decorating cause serious harm to each woman.To prevent this, you should pay close attention to the drugs that we trust to take care of, to paint or restore the health of our hair.

maintain healthy hair - 7 Steps

Beautiful, well-groomed, healthy curls is important, we can say the main part of the image.If the hair looks unimportant, you can forget about the beautiful make-up and beautiful clothes - all this will be noticed the absence of a neat hairstyle.Healthy hair can be called the most prominent feature, but keep it in good condition is not easy.It is necessary not only to rid the hair of the constant chemical treatment, but always soften and moisturize them every day givi

ng them the most attention.

Step One: must be carefully combed locks before you wash them.It is necessary to remove from the skin of dead skin particles, accumulated dust and other debris, which prevents normal blood flow to the hair follicles.

Step Two: basic healthy hair secrets lie in choosing the correct comb.In no case should not be allowed to take care of their natural wealth brush with plastic bristles.It is best suited for this purpose a rounded brush (can be flat) shape, having "hard" nature and natural bristles - for dry hair or wide flat brush, bristles equipped with rubber head - for wet.

Step Three: Before staining the scalp and locks must be protected.To pigments are not caused irreparable damage to the locks, the tips should moisturize.

Step Four: Healthy hair is very fond of, when we cut them.Our hair grow during the month by about one centimeter, is gradually thinned, and being exposed to the danger of weakening section.Therefore, monthly haircut is able to return to hair health, to save them from problems with his back, and excellent appearance.

Step Five: wet strands must be handled with extreme care to healthy hair is not subjected to the threat of breakage and loss.For combing necessary to use an appropriate comb, comb, brush and use only after the final drying.Do not rely on the health of hair, if they are still quite wet, comb made of wood, so they can have microcracks, causing significant damage to the scalp.

Step Six: The best way to dry hair - ionic hair stylers.This device helps eliminate substances that harm the structure of the hair, as well as to accelerate the splitting of water molecules.In addition a hairdryer significantly reduces drying time.

Step Seven: nozzle dryer are the best friends of women's natural decorations.Nozzles can more evenly distribute the hot air, which in this case does not dry the skin and does not cause the tip section.

Healthy hair - the result of daily work

In order to make our hair healthy and beautiful, you need every day to make some effort to it.Every day you must deal with many dangers: to avoid oily scalp and all hair, the shampoo you need to add a little essential oil - menthol, mint or citrus, which has a refreshing effect, and that healthy hair is not Sears can not be washed too often, and shampoo sureIt should be soft.